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BippyM 10 January 2006 00:46

ASM: Resources
Please post any links to Assembler (68k) resources in this thread with a breif explanation of what is there and i'll whack em in this first post :)

Here are some:

A great general site with plenty of examples and explanations, covers AGA and some info on the action replay carts :

How To Code asm: V7

Here are some more general sites, some are better than others :)

http://www.algonet.se/~chaozer/assembler.shtml << Looks like a good site!

THis next link is a pdf of the 68k instruction set.. If this site goes offline and I'll whack it in the zone :D

68k Instruction Set (PDF)

Here are other sites with the 68k instruction set


Some information on addressing modes


Generic Amiga asm tutorials and examples


Found the following course online. It's wright state university!


Scroll to the bottom!
A useful website with a 68k emulator/assembler for PC.. Some might find it useful when starting out http://www.easy68k.com/index.html

BippyM 10 January 2006 00:46

*reserved for more links if the need arises*

Alter 13 January 2006 23:55

I just upped some tutorials on democoding on a500 in the Zone . Its unfortunatley only in swedish. It explaines everyting from startup through sprites,blitter,bobs,vector, 2d-clipping......etc ( 13 Lessons together with sourcecode )
Its a very good tutorial and all the source-files is working ( At least with asmone ). Maybe someone can translate it into english ?? I would do it if I had the time but sorry.. to much to do :-( Enjoy !!!!!

redblade 14 January 2006 01:01

The tutorials below are in English.

Cool-g Asm Source (Belgium 93)

AsmOne 1.6
10 basic Sources.
The AsmOne Examples, that Install a BootBlock which displays Text.
A Horizontal Text Scroller.

Also has 3 introduction files to Assembler on the Amiga.
1: Introduction about 68k instruction set and what the commands do.
2: Introduction about the Amiga Custom Chips and how to use them.
3: Introdcution to the Amiga Libraries and some basic source.

*Warning* this code will need to be fixed to run nicely on KS2+/AGA.

It also comes with the well documented Source to a Demo which:
Displays a picture
Plays a Music Tracker Mod
Scrolls Text
Scrolls a Starfield.

Changing the Picture, Music Tracker, Music, Text is easy. Newbies may have problems changing the Scroll Font, Or changing the Scroller position.

The demo above uses a mouse routine and not a vector routine as below

Another Cool-g Source set.

*Source will need to be fixed for Kick2+/AGA*

Code Demoes using by installing the main loop in a Vector.

Seka Assembler
A PowerShell
Basic Source to generate Sinus List
Some other tools.

The source in here is mainly about Plasma, If I can recall correctly (correct me if I am wrong).

Fissuras 14 January 2006 11:03

Amiga University - Downloadable Assembler Tutorials and Code Samples
Hey, I don't believe Amiga University wasn't listed!

Galaxy 14 January 2006 23:08

There is a whole series of tutorials on "programming the Amiga in assembly language" in the US journal "AC's Tech for the Commodore Amiga".

I can scan this series of articles if there is interest, but some of them seem quite technical.

BippyM 14 January 2006 23:37

Scan em all please Galaxy :)

The more info we have the better. .I'm thinking about getting all this hosted online in one convenient place :)

I will be scouring the docs disks in tosec shortly for asm and amiga reference materials

kriz 14 January 2006 23:38

very nice bippym!

Galaxy 15 January 2006 07:02

Two articles from AC's Tech 2(1) are available in the Zone along with the cover disk that contains source code supporting the articles.

We have:
- Programming the Amiga in assembly language : part 1 : getting started.
- Low-level disk access made easy!

nemazoty 16 January 2006 14:23

IMHO one of the best ASM (demo)coding tutorials from alpha to omega are available by Randy/Ram Jam:

These are all in italian but I've found the first lessons in german too:

offtopic: Amiga-like java effects: http://www.anfyteam.com/ (also by Fabio Ciucci aka Randy/Ram Jam)

BippyM 16 January 2006 16:36

I've scoured all the LSD docs disks and removed anything that is remotely interesting (Any programming language, and hardware/system stuff)

Will up it to the zone later

Alter 16 January 2006 18:19

For those who need a Startup code for A500 I've coded a startup routine which I used many times myself. I coded it in Asmone and Its very simple. I commented it for those who are not so experienced yet. Its working on Kick 1.2 and 1.3 and maybe 2.0 ( but that i am unsure of ). The routine itself is what I want to call dirty coding bec its not coded in a system friendly way. Its ment for demo-coding and all thats matter here is speed so i use DMA directly and I never use any librarys. Hope it will be useful and I would like some feedback if someone found it useful... :-) P.S I already upped it in The Zone

NOB 16 January 2006 19:03

move.l #$40000,a0 :cool that is real oldskool coding.
Using absolute adresses.And that was real fun!COOL

BippyM 12 April 2007 04:40


Galaxy 26 June 2007 14:19

Amiga Shopper beginners tutorial (pp24-31)

Galaxy 22 September 2008 13:43

The programming articles from Amiga Computing 91 have been added to AMR. There is an ARexx article, an AMOS article and and ASM article.


AlfaRomeo 17 May 2010 19:21

I´m searching for Assembler tutorials but seems that almost all of them are for older machines :(
Where I can find assembler tutorials for 68020+ and that includes AGA code?
Thanks in advance

AlfaRomeo 17 May 2010 19:27


Originally Posted by bippym (Post 225300)
I've scoured all the LSD docs disks and removed anything that is remotely interesting (Any programming language, and hardware/system stuff)

Will up it to the zone later

It´s possible to upload this to the zone again, please? :)

BippyM 17 May 2010 23:51

I will when I get my PC repaired, I have nothing on the laptop

AlfaRomeo 18 May 2010 03:53

Thanks bippym
I will keep waiting right here :agree

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