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pool7 14 July 2017 02:54

Hola everyone
New user in the forum, and new to Amiga as well.
Doing lots of research about the OS and how it works; looking forward to do some programming eventually.

PeterK 14 July 2017 03:17

Welcome to EAB and to the Amiga community, pool7! :)

Maybe you can find some more usefull information about the Amiga and the programming on the following sites:

http://amiga-manuals.xiik.net/index.php (double click)

Native Developement Kit for AmigaOS 3.9:

pool7 14 July 2017 05:12

Thank you PeterK!

Looks like I have a lot to read and practice :)

PeterK 14 July 2017 05:34

To help you more specific we would need some more information about your interests: Would you like to program games or demos, tools or utilities or real applications. What is your favourite programming language? Assembler, Basic C, E or whatever. There are many experts here at EAB who would like to help you. I'm just a botcher in writing some library replacements and patches. :nervous

A good C compiler for the Amiga which is still in further development is VBCC:

What is your preferred AmigaOS version? OS 3.1, OS 3.9 or 4.1?

I prefer coding in 68k ASM and compiling with PhxAss 4.46:

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