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decnet 17 July 2016 18:07

Amiga 1500 Build

lost_loven 17 July 2016 19:02

Awesome setup!

mfilos 17 July 2016 19:48

What a beefed awesome clean system!
Lotsa love and leetness found in this thread. I wish all the best for your setup man.

decnet 19 July 2016 19:20


amiman99 19 July 2016 20:07

Very nice system and envy of everyone! Just keep it and don't sell it.

Also, very nice clean pictures.

Ratteler 19 July 2016 21:59

Where did you find the Mini Megi upgrade? I'm trying to upgrade my A500 Rev 5 to 2MB Chip RAM.

decnet 20 July 2016 20:07


cbmeeks 06 September 2016 16:45

Awesome system!

I've always wanted some of the more obscure Amiga's. Well, obscure for me. Such as the A1500 and A2500.

One thing I would do...only because I'm OCD about things....is to paint the faceplate of that CD ROM drive to match the Amiga's tan color. :-)

decnet 12 November 2016 17:53


Zeph 12 November 2016 18:10

Have you mounted the vga connector nicely now?

decnet 12 November 2016 18:19


Locutus 12 November 2016 18:28

That's one lovely setup, it pains me to see the Blizzard's SCSI lay fallow though ;-)

The same CF cards on a SCSI/IDE bridge (or a CF Aztec) would be much nicer, lower CPU load and higher bandwidth.

Anyway, pretty!

decnet 12 November 2016 18:50


Locutus 12 November 2016 19:52

There is a new version (rev 6) of the SCSI2SD which now does Synchronous FAST-10 mode, i'll be ordering one.

Curious how fast it will go in practice, if it really hits 10MB/s with the same compatibility level as the previous rev5 at ~125$ it will be the ultimate SCSI solution for old-shit.

Jope 12 November 2016 20:18

I'm also eagerly anticipating the availability of the rev 6 scsi2sd.. Finally enough speed. :-)

TroyWilkins 13 November 2016 09:14

Oh wow, very nice indeed, thank you for sharing with us all the pictures and information. I'd love an Amiga like yours!

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