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Venku Skirata 28 July 2008 23:09

One of the first Horizon Demos

I'm looking for one of the first Horizon Demos. It had a mod of some classical tune by beethoven called moonlight sonata modernized to st-01 samples, a bigger font in 4 colors and bobs flying around. the scrolltext told a story of how the guys went to a copy party and what they did there.

anyone remember this one? anyone from Horizon round here, who still got old disks? i've been looking round the net, but didn't find the demo in the Larger Databases like Kestra, Pouet and so on.

StingRay 28 July 2008 23:14

Hmm, I could ask JackAsser (who is Pernod's brother) on IRC if Pernod still has the old HZ demos. :)

Venku Skirata 28 July 2008 23:32

Great, hope it's the right Horizon, as there were two of them both based in sweden. Ask him, if the demo sounds familiar. i think they told the story of their first efforts on amiga, so pernod could be the right one.

Had the demo on a compacted disk, but when i gave my amiga to some sort of collector, the disk was lost...

StingRay 28 July 2008 23:36

I'm pretty sure it's the right Hz. ;) The Hz who made the Virtual Intelligence demo f.e. =) I also just checked my old disks, I found quite a few Hz demos but none that matched your description (and I can't recall having ever seen a Hz demo that looked like the one in your description). I'm gonna ask JackAsser next time I catch him on IRC! :)

Venku Skirata 28 July 2008 23:45

should be in the time between 1988 and 1989, if i recall it right

StingRay 28 July 2008 23:52

I'll check some more of my old disks (88-90) tomorrow, will let you know if I find it. =)

Leffmann 29 July 2008 00:35

Check ftp://ftp.amigascne.org/pub/amiga/Groups/H/Horizon and http://arabuusimiehet.com/break/amig...up&groupid=186

Venku Skirata 29 July 2008 07:33


i knew amigascne. the demo/intro is not there, that's why i ask.

i think those people behind this old demo remember when you tell them about the music.

Sting: If you take a look round, check out for a version of the "Sin Intro II" by Thrust with a different music, than the one known in the Net: They had used a remix of the fantastic tune in the PHR-Crew Detector intro.

Photon 31 July 2008 04:15

Well, if it not on amigascne I guess it's not here either http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demos....on&where=group

But you could always come to #amigaexotic on irc and ask one of our demo crazy detectives ;)

Venku Skirata 16 February 2009 08:25

hi stingray and others,

could you talk to your pal from horizon already?

some more descrition of the demo: text was about them hanging around on a copy party. font was the one in the lower left picture (the red one) that was used by cascade in their megademo:


there were bobs flying in the middle of the screen, think in the colour blue and having the form of "squares".

hope this helps.

cheers from germany

Venku Skirata 24 May 2018 14:28

Anything new
wanted to know, if there is anything new on this case?

The charset used was the one of Part 7 of Cascades Megademo:


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