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Unregistered 28 September 2002 03:22

Dragons Breath, won't load. Please help!
Does anybody know how to get Dragons Breath to load. It gets to the opening titles then asks to check disk in drive DF0: etc...

Has anybody managed to get this game to work?

andreas 28 September 2002 04:58

You probably have to wait 'til this year's Christmas. Nuff said. :)

Fred the Fop 29 September 2002 21:25

You can always play the Atari St version in the meantime. As far as I know, it's identical.

andreas 30 September 2002 01:34

Maybe you should change your current text 'Batman baddie' into 'ST propagator', Fred :lol

Fred the Fop 01 October 2002 09:22

Awww, andreas, if I can get someone to play an Atari St game over an X Box or PeeCee game [except PC some flight sims, they are awesome], then I am happy. Anyway, from what I have heard, both versions are identical.

Ash 01 October 2002 18:31

I have standards
They are low but I do have standards lol
I still remember my deep hatred of the enemys, atari st's and PCs, very clearly
Now look at me, I'm using a PC atm and my 2 amiga 500s are collecting dust
But I've never touched an atari st ever, so I'm pretty happy with that

BippyM 01 October 2002 18:41

I very nearly got an ST :( Glad I didn't :)

Still alot of the early games were almost identical, as the Amiga got ports of st games (like dragons breath) later it changed around and the ST got inferior ports of Amiga games :D

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