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trackah123 27 October 2015 02:45

My Multi-Module Ripperdisk
Hello Everyone.

I had some off-time this week and i've put together my own "Multi-Module" Ripperdisk. In 2015 it's probably a bit useless but ahh well :)

I know there are millions of these kind of megadisks, and yes we have pro-wizard/hrtmon/action replay in WinUAE and such. even tho i'm not a programmer, i think i managed to create a nice disk nevertheless.

What i did was the following :

- updated some libraries in libs folder
- got some keyfiles from boondocks DVD's (BBS) to make some apps registered (i assume these apps are not sold anymore, if this cause any trouble here, let me know asap).
- clean fast startup-sequence, used only neccesary files to keep as much RAM as possible for ripping-purposes
- all programs are decrunched (for same ram ripping purposes), i'm not sure if crunchers hinders ram-locations and such. (maybe programmers can fill me in on that?).
- disk is optimized with FastDisk 1.9
- disk is made as compatible as possible to run on most systems.

The text you see between the "()" are the minimal requirements for each program.


Download link below


Happy Ripping :)

trackah123 30 October 2015 08:03

Small update of disk.

- RipIt 1.51 has a bug, it would crash to WB on Kick1.2/1.3 as soon as you click "CHIP" scanning. so i put a slightly older version 1.33 that doesn't have this crash.
- Added "FastMemFirst" to startup-sequence, hopefully this preserves a little more Chipmem.


Frog 01 November 2015 22:55

Nice disk :)
It would have been able to be useful for me in the past. I had created too this kind of disk as many of the other manic-ripper.
It can certainly serve has somebody one day

Just few idea, you could add :
- ExoticRipper bootblock on the bootblock of your disk
- ADD21K at startup-sequence
- http://aminet.net/package/dev/debug/HRTmon so you can freeze a game/demo and write some data on a blank disk to be later loaded with ExoticRipper (useful if data are at the start of the memory to prevent them to be corrupted)
- and the powerful http://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/Track2File for 1.21 or Track2File1.22

trackah123 02 November 2015 02:02

Thanks :)

Haven't thought about the bootblock, good one.
Track2File might be useful yes.
Whats the difference with that HRTmon and the one built into WinUAE?
There is even a Add36k - http://aminet.net/package/util/misc/add36k
Not sure how this affects memory and bitplanes tho.

I looked into some of this, but i was a bit low on diskspace (especially with all apps decrunched). Reloc-crunchers seems to put certain decrunchers at fixed-points in memory (which might be put into chipram).

In the meanwhile i created a small disk for graphics ripping, 3rd-day seems to be pretty cool. tho it doesn't like the KS2/AGA combination much.


Frog 03 November 2015 20:12

I was thinking about adding HrtMon in the aim of using the disk on real hardware instead of emulation.
If you're low on disk space, perhaps you can remove JackTheRipper, Exotic Ripper do the job ?

For gfx ripper, here is the tool is used in the past on Amiga 500:
3rd Day
Graphics Searcher but i'm pretty sure it wasn't this tool, perhaps another one called "Graphics Ripper" ?
Bpl Hacker
there was also GRip by Mr.Bluesky / DRIFTERS, if you're interested i can upload it to the Zone.

later on AGA i used BplRipper

Then finally HrtMon do a good job !

trackah123 03 November 2015 20:43

Grip, sure, i'm always interested in other software :)

I'n the meantime i'll see what i can do with my disk.

Update : i'll make a new disk with track2file and hrtmon on it, mainly because they are big programs and track2file requires xfdmaster.library + xfd folder which takes alot of space (this folder is for decrunching all these formats).

Frog 05 November 2015 21:15

I've upload to The Zone an old disk compilation of my own with GRip on it. it's called MTX_Disk_2.zip

trackah123 05 November 2015 22:49

Grip looks somewhat familiar to me, i think i used that one once in the past.
I also liked the "dir" command, looks different from the regular one.

Cool stuff, i'll add grip :) thx

Frog 06 November 2015 20:37

i uploaded MTX_Disk_1.zip perhaps that you can find some other interesting thing or that it can give you some others ideas.
There's a tool called Dissector, it was really promising but unfortunately it was never finished.
I used this disk everyday on my A500 to do everything, and it look so good with the color of the workbench 2.0 :)

trackah123 06 November 2015 21:54

Thanks, i'll take a look.
I'm surprised btw that "Grip" is nowhere to be found, not on aminet, eab server, TOSEC, BBS. So it seems it's rare.

Today i tried some programs from aminet regarding monitors, debuggers and such, i found a few good ones like :

- DiskMonTools
- Ghostrider
- RSys
- SnoopDOS
- SuperVisor
- TK (Thrill Kill)
- XOpa

Frog 07 November 2015 11:16

Yes, i know about GRip, i've not took some time to upload it somewhere.
I got this tool directly from a Drifters members, i don't know why it wasn't spread around ?
BTW Drifters was full of nice french dude :)
I'm a bit surprised about Dissector, i checked on internet and it didn't seem to be available neither. I was pretty sure that i uploaded it somewhere

I remember DiskMonTools now :) In fact to do disk/file editing i used FileMaster 2.2+ A good all in one tool. Filemaster 2.2+ (with Crm support) doesn't seem to be easy to find neither.

I checked others monitors you have mention and most of them seems to offer the same as SnoopDOS or XOpa, i've not test too much to see which one could be the best
Strangely even if ASP doesn't seems to be the most complete i like his tiny style.
Another good monitor is : Scout

For debugging HrtMon is really good.

If you've some space left on a disk you can add a good graphic viewer (Visage or http://meynaf.free.fr/pr/mv.lzx) and a good music player perhaps HippoPlayer ?

daxb 07 November 2015 15:42

Another monitor that might be worth a look is OMon. http://aminet.net/package/dev/moni/OMon

trackah123 09 November 2015 04:54

Had some problems with "Scout", whenever i click a button the program would become unresponsive.

Anyway here is another disk i made. it contains all the well-known software freezers (or however you call these types of applications?).
I made it as compatible as possible, contains all-in-one quick commands documentation.

I think this can still be useful on a real Amiga for those who don't have hardware-cartridges?

The C folder contains the latest SetPatch V44.38, found it on thecompany.pl forum.



Also GFX-Rip disk updated, added "GRIP" to it. works on all Amiga's


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