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zero 03 April 2022 16:41

Terry Green PD
I was going through some old discs and came upon a backup of a PD library. The only identification I could see was the name "Terry Green", but I don't recall it from back in the day.

Anyone know him or his PD library?

In any case, it's going up on archive.org as we speak...

chip 04 April 2022 11:57

No idea if the PD library is really new

Anyway, can you offer on the file server of eab a download as single zip for the whole library of disks ?

Thanks, chip

zero 04 April 2022 12:52

Feel free to mirror them here if you like. I haven't been through every disk so I don't know if there is anything new or any gems there.

If you have more Amiga stuff, especially PD, it's worth getting on archive.org. It's just safer that way, they have industrial level backups and hosting.


chip 04 April 2022 13:38

Ok, so i ask here is someone is able to offer a download for the whole library on the Amiga file server

I am interested in ALL the disks of this PD library ..... thanks ! :)

zero 04 April 2022 13:44

Where is the file server? I can upload there...

chip 04 April 2022 13:45

Info on Amiga file server here


zero 04 April 2022 13:47

Thanks. I wonder if these would be worth putting on Aminet? The issue is getting the descriptions for Aminet.

alexh 04 April 2022 13:49

Terry Green posted once to the Amiga newsgroup alt.sources.amiga in 2000


It is 22 years ago but his email addresses were :


The website(s) is gone but it was partially preserved by Archive.org including a full catalogue listing.


chip 04 April 2022 13:49

Thanks to you :)

Meanwhile i checked UPD Gold and Software 2000 PD libraries and they seem to be different :agree

chip 04 April 2022 15:23

I see that you did the upload :D

You are great man, thanks :bowdown:bowdown:bowdown

Predseda 04 April 2022 15:44

On that webpage fragment there is one more additional email:


But at that time he was offering his Amigas for free, so probably the continuity is lost for a long time.

Crashdisk 09 April 2022 21:22

I noticed that some DMS files were damaged, I could not repair all of them but those that could be repaired are in The Zone!

Other DMS files are buggy and cannot be decompressed properly (DMS does not like FFS disk)... In the next update of ADF-Workshop, most of them can be decompressed cleanly :agree

chip 10 April 2022 10:13

Are you saying that conversion from DMS to ADF will be improved ? :blased

Crashdisk 10 April 2022 11:10

I can add an on the fly correction of the "Terry Green PD" DMS files to allow decompression to the original. ADF-Workshop already does this for other DMS

chip 10 April 2022 11:32

So, it's not a "general" modification of the conversion procedure, isn't it ? :blased

Crashdisk 10 April 2022 18:29

Indeed, no miracle here, it is a work of correction 1 by 1

zero 10 April 2022 18:32

Let us know if you find any gems in there.

Crashdisk 10 April 2022 19:24

I have corrected 28 DMS for the moment.
My process is quite long and in the end, I haven't had time to review the content yet :(

chip 11 April 2022 09:37

Thanks for reply Crashdisk :)

Crashdisk 14 May 2022 23:44

ADF-Workshop updated with +50 patches for buggy DMS of Terry Green PD collection :xmas

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