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turrican3 18 October 2020 02:20

turn off some audio canals ??
Hi Toni,
could it be possible to have a way to cut off some of the 4 audio channels from paula ???
It would be easier to make cd32 cdda version of games....
often the sfx are just on one channel, if i can cut the 3 others, i can replace it with a cdda and keep the sfx !!! :great
It would be better on whdload but don't know if it's possible.

Toni Wilen 18 October 2020 19:44

Debugger Ma <mask> command. (1 = CH1, 2 = CH2, 4 = CH3, 8 = CH4, add enabled channels, for example "Ma 9" = channel 1 and 4 enabled)

Or record audio to wave (not AVI, 4 channels is rarely supported) using 4-channel mode and disable unneeded channels in sample editor?

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