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AmiGer 19 December 2003 17:04

XMas present: Elite Advanced 1.0 !
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Hohoho... :xmas

Here's Santa Claus bringing you a "new" Amiga release called ELITE ADVANCED ! It's in the Zone !

I call it part of the CARE (Co-Inventor Amiga Revival) project (Maybe somebody of the admins can create a new forum group !?). Maybe other games will follow... modified by me or you !

In the first step I've done some disassembling sessions and modifications to the original and legendary Elite (1). For me it's "advanced" now and will be advanced more the next time.
Important for me is that these games are playable on the original hardware (maybe with a little bit more memory).

It took some time to figure out the source but I did it. :cool
If you have some nice (realizable) ideas to implement, critism or suggestions than tell them to me. If you have some questions about the program source, the technics and other curiosities used in elite ask me... Now I know them... :)
However try it and have fun ! It's my present for you !

Nice christmas and a happy new year !

- New ship: Warrior MkIV !
Big and fast battle ship. Transports Gold ! Has many rockets and it's hard to defeat...
Bounty: 30.0, Points: 150

- New Equipment: Climatech Universal Laser Cooler
Costs: 6500 cr
Available on techlevel 6
Cools your laser so it doesn't overheat. Take care: activated cooler decrements your energy !
Activate/deactivate with key 'O'.

- New Equipment: M2031A3 Heavy Military Laser
Costs: 9500 cr
Available on techlevel 12
Double efficiency as the normal military laser.

- Some visual adjustments
e.g. Planet colours in space now fit to colours in local navigation chart, etc.

- Equipment is now splitted into two pages if more then 15 equipments are available
- Rating point table halved. So you reach the E-L-I-T-E status and the missions earlier.
- Harddisk installable and Workbench startable (just copy the two files to your hd)
- Return to the OS via "Exit" in the "Options"
- AGA fixed
- Cracked ;)

Restrictions & Prerequisites:
- Based upon the CAPS release of Elite 2.0
- You need at least 1MB of Memory (512 Chip)
- Tested on A500(1.3) and A1200 HD
- Don't use old game save files !
- CAUTION: Exiting to the OS is ok for me but maybe could cause crashs etc. So close all programs before starting it !
- To use the Library in the Options put in the original Elite 2.0 Disk (e.g. CAPS) !

AmiGer 19 December 2003 17:06

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Screenshot 2

AmiGer 19 December 2003 17:06

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Next one...

AmiGer 19 December 2003 17:07

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And the last one...

Bloodwych 19 December 2003 18:00

Wow, nice work AmiGer. I've never played the original Amiga elite, only the BBC version used to get my attention. On the Amiga it was Frontier all the way.

Looks like a good time to have a go at amiga elite now though, being advanced and all. :)

woody57 19 December 2003 21:03

Me Too Bloodwych !
I,ve already downloaded it and wait to try it as a comparison with my original Elite & Frontier games both of which are permanent fixtures on my miggies . So top marks AmiGer :great I now have an excuse to spend all Christmas on a new MIGGY game !heheheheheheehhe !:D

rattus 19 December 2003 21:39

/me gives *BIG HUG* to AmiGer!

Thankyou Santa!

<(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^)>

*does the happy rat dance*

killergorilla 19 December 2003 22:41

Wow nice one Amiger, a truly innovative idea!

Gonna have to have a look see!

Rattus: you stole that dance from Kirby!

Dizzy 20 December 2003 00:01

Or Kirby stole it from rattus *(^_^)*

AmiGer 20 December 2003 12:12

Thank you all for your acknowledgement. Rattus: nice dance... :)

Chuckles 21 December 2003 04:04

Thanks for the nice Xmax present to us all, AmiGer! For my money, you couldn't have picked a better game to tinker with. I haven't started playing with it seriously yet, but it looks like I'm going to be restricted to playing with it on WinUAE, since I haven't been able to get it to go past the title screen on my real Amiga.

In WinUAE, I can get it working using my old config for Elite if I simply bump up the memory a bit and select the AGA chipset. My Amiga 2000 doesn't have AGA though, but it does have 1MB of chip ram, and another 4MB of fast ram. I also have kickstart 2.04 in rom, but softkicking into 1.3 still doesn't help.

Regardless, it's great to see an update to an old classic, and probably my favorite from waaaaaaay back. Thanks again! :D

Chuckles 21 December 2003 04:26

Wow! Xmas just got even better! After my last post it occurred to me that maybe I should try out Elite Advanced on my A1000 with Kickstart 1.3, and it worked perfectly! Of course that got me started scratching my head in confusion wondering why it would work better on the A1000 than on the A2000, even when I booted my A2000 with kickstart 1.3. Finally I figured out that the other major difference between the two machines is that my A1000 only has 2 floppy drives, while my A2000 has 4. Sure enough, after I flipped the switch to disable my 2 external drives on the A2000, it worked perfectly on that machine too, even when I booted with kickstart 2.04 and my 68030 accelerator active.

Great work, AmiGer! :D :lol

yadster 21 December 2003 16:57

:great :great :great Nice one. I fell in love with Elite way back when all I had was a Speccy 48K. The hardest part was using that anti-piracy Lenslock thing that came with the game.

Pyromania 21 December 2003 19:46

Thank you thank you thank you!

AmiGer 22 December 2003 10:54

Thanks again.

I will correct the bug. It's not an AGA issue...

It's a stupid bug... Bugfix + bonus comes today or tomorrow...
Until then use WinUae Standard A500 with 512k Chip and 512k SlowMem. That should work with OCS Chipset anyway...

AmiGer 22 December 2003 16:52

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Elite Advanced v1.1 out now ! It's in the Zone...

- fixed Bug concerning machines with much memory and/or crazy hardware setup

New Ship: Colubrid II
Middle class ship. Transports narcotics !
Bounty: 20.0, Points: 100

wakeupbomb 23 December 2003 03:25

Wow, that looks amazing. I really wanna try that now...but can I? Noooooooo. My Mum has hidden/stolen/destroyed my Amiga mouse...bah

Chuckles 23 December 2003 03:31

Wow! This has got to be one of the coolest threads ever! Mention one little bug, and the next thing you know you not only have a bug-fixed version, but one with another new ship added! If Microsoft responded to bug reports that way, they'd be a lot more popular. ;)

Thanks again, Amiger! I've tried the new version on my A2000 and it works fine now with Kickstart 2.04, or softkicked into 1.3, and without having to disable my external floppy drives. The only oddity that I see now is a bit of graphics corruption in some of the buttons on the options screen, but I only see that when I boot with my A2630 accelerator card in 68030 mode, and since there doesn't seem to be any added speed benefit from running in 68030 mode with this game, I'll just boot in 68000 mode instead.

(I know that this must look like a transparent attempt to coax out a version 1.2 with another new ship, but it isn't! Really!) :lol

Drake1009 23 December 2003 11:50

Problem is that MS does respond a bit like that. Just slower and you have to go through a lot to make them accept there's a bug. But with the service packs there's usually more features crammed in there to slow down the system, features you don't even use. Unlike a bonus ship. Very well done AmiGer.

hamster 11 January 2004 19:18

Hi AmiGer & All,

Elite Advanced sounds very interesting. I went into the zone (link on top of browser) but I can't see it in there. Any chance of a link? Btw, really got going with Elite for the 1st time in 11 years! :lol Still great fun. Really!

Hence I like the sound of the extras here if only I could find it ?

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