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Asle 13 August 2012 10:46

CU Amiga coverdisk - tune of the month

Following this thread, I started downloading those coverdisks in order to complete AMP.
On issue of June 1991 (disk 14b), there are two musics listed (although, "axel f." is most likely the example music coming along Protracker). The music "Space-Song" is credited to a "Psych-D of Arena 91".
The point I raise, here, is that it's a Jesper Kyd/Kefrens song (from this demo). So, is this completely off topic to highlight or note this somewhere, down at AMR ?


In March 1992 edition, a "Kyrim Verbist" is credited in lieu et place of Uncle Tom.

Codetapper 13 August 2012 14:10

I've fixed up the two entries. It's pathetic that a couple of lamers can steal a song, change the sample names and send into CU Amiga as their own work. I've kept the "fake" credits in brackets with a note, but fixed the credits. You can even

If I had the coverdisk pages from CU Amiga June 1991 issue I'd look to see what it says about the tune.

Occ-San-Geen has been fixed, but the lamer that changed the mod even has his name mentioned on page 19 of the coverdisks from CU Amiga March 1992.

Well spotted btw!

Asle 14 August 2012 00:00

And yes, Jesper was in The Silents. Well spotted too :)
OK, If I encounter some more, I'll report it then.


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