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klx300r 21 February 2018 03:03


Originally Posted by idrougge (Post 1221095)
The Buddha isn't faster than the onboard IDE.

hmm I recall that it was faster (a bit anyways) anyhow the onboard IDE in my A4000 with CS-MKIII takes forever too boot up and many times I have to reset the machine to get it to boot up properly...my buddy had same issue a decade ago and Buddha solved that issue ..glad I got it

blatboy 22 February 2018 23:13


Originally Posted by alexh (Post 1220927)
Amiga 2000 and 3000 have no IDE and so can't use CF without a Buddha or similar

The question should be why would you use this instead of the latest SCSI2SD?

Regarding the scsi2sd: I've had mixed success. While it's more or less working, it often won't boot if the computer has been on for a while already (yes, could be a sign of another issue...my SCSI bus -and my A3000 in general- has always had some voodoo on it.) The drives I've created (PFS) always seem to just be a couple bits shy of a disk error. Sometimes I'll get those very bad PFS errors etc. Needless to say I've been keeping regular backups on my system.

I'm hoping the new Buddha will be a dependable solution. It's new, so I'm giving it time before adding it to the list of storage systems that have failed me. Maybe all of my woes, regardless of the technology involved are a big fat PEBKAC. Honestly, I'm willing to keep trying stuff until I find a solution that works for me. I'll just ebay the stuff that doesn't. Fortunately, as these things go, the Buddha is pretty reasonably priced.

chiark 23 February 2018 14:31

There's been an update to the CPLD: http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/Buddha#CPLD_Upgrade
To program this, at the moment you will need a JTAG programmer, and also to adapt the cable to the Buddha pinout... Jens is working on an Amiga side updater.

And also an update to the firmware, released in beta: http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/File:BuddhaSCSI.lha which you will need the firmware updater to load: http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/File:BFlashTool.lha

Lots more information in German on A1K.org. www.a1k.org/forum/showthread.php?t=62869&page=25

rlake 29 June 2018 09:22

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Hmm! I might need to try that other flash tool. I tried the one from the CPLD update floppy (JTAG from parallel is sure one way to test an Amy build!) but it claims my controller is too old.

At least my Transcend DOMs are now recognised...

Overmann 14 July 2018 08:01

Does anyone have any updated experiences? I am considering this for my newly towerized A1200 (ZIV busboard). I want to use the busboards fast ZII function, but If there are serious compatability issues and all sorts of quirks I might have to go in another direction.

What are users experience of it's speed and stability?

Hypex 14 July 2018 12:04

Do any Amiga IDE cards have DMA and so finally a replacement for SCSI? (Minus supporting less devices) In fact are there any SATA cards yet? Since IDE is old hat and considered obsolete now.

Jope 16 July 2018 12:03

Only the MC-702, and that is only Z2 http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/mastercard

Overmann 17 July 2018 01:08


Originally Posted by Jope (Post 1254603)
Only the MC-702, and that is only Z2 http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/mastercard

The 68030 TK has DMA buffered IDE, if i remember correctly.

Jope 19 July 2018 16:43

Thanks for the info. Is this project ready to go?

Overmann 20 July 2018 23:44


Originally Posted by Jope (Post 1255353)
Thanks for the info. Is this project ready to go?

If you mean the 68030 TK then i think so, yes. DjCook over at Amibay is building it. :)

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