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roondar 21 July 2019 00:40

ADoom/DoomAttack Indivision ECS Graffiti
Since a few days ago, I've been itching to try Doom on my various Amiga's. I got the game working on both my A1200/68030 and my A600/68030. However, the A600 has an Indivision ECS which supposedly supports Graffiti graphics.

I though it'd be nice to try that out as well, but I can't seem to get it to work. DoomAttack refuses to start on the A600 unless I select Graffiti c2p (which completely garbles the screen). Adoom does work on the A600, but also garbles the screen in Graffiti mode.

Am I missing something?
What are the requirements for running Doom using Indivision ECS Graffiti emulation?

EzdineG 21 July 2019 15:09

ADoom/DoomAttack Indivision ECS Graffiti
For the Indivision mode It requires the original firmware on that ECS. If you upgrade it, ADoom will not detect it.

For the graffiti mode, I’ve extensively tested this and it appears it is not supported at all (garbled like yours.)

roondar 21 July 2019 15:58

I did upgrade my Indivision IIRC.
As for Graffiti, that's a pity.

Thanks for the answer anyway, it explains everything.

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