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Zetr0 03 December 2005 19:13

General Discussion
Heys people,

I figured a general discusion on projects new, old and to become could be usefull. so heres a general thread to kick it off.

Zetr0 03 December 2005 19:14

a thought that come to mind is what will the next project be, how do we decide etc. so whats you thoughts on this my fellow amigans?

Zetr0 06 December 2005 16:19

Personally i would like to be a part of an RPG of sorts be it realtime, turnbased or whatever. it would be emensly cool as lots of aspects exist for everyone to take part in.

i think we need polls :) this would be cool

Graham Humphrey 07 December 2005 20:08

I haven't thought beyond my shoot-em-up too much, but I would quite like to do a Space Crusade-type strategy game, but with 4 players and loads of missions. It will have to wait a while though!

Zetr0 08 December 2005 02:45

Heys Graham,

Yeah i was just thinking that for a version in OpenGL too.... you know i would kill to get them models in Imagine or Lightwave object file, any 3d modler infact, i would have entirely toooo much fun!!!! LOL

Yeah i hear you about the time constraints l8ly... gotta love christmas!!!!

Btw m8y did you get them graphics issues sorted out for your game ? last i read you were looking for gfx artists to help marco and develop sprites????...

Graham Humphrey 10 December 2005 11:38

Sadly I'm not getting very far regarding getting some artists in. I did hear from someone who said they might be interested but that's as far as it went.

I'm going to start a new thread soon in the main board as a last(?) resort. I've been working on this game since May, I don't want all my hard work (and Marco's and my musicians) to go to waste.

gimbal 11 December 2005 16:37

I'm following the trend of porting Amiga games to pc environments. I was already working on a 3D based game engine (for the fun of it and to learn from it, not with the purpose to actually create a game), but now I have extended it with a 2D subsystem, allowing me to render sprites using pure OpenGL. I have managed to make it as simple as drawSprite(sprite, x, y), and support for animating BOB's is also built in. Since it's OpenGL I can easily scale, rotate and move sprites around, as well as use other funky tricks such as particles and such.

Input, (3d) Audio and sprite subsystems are all finished up to the point where I can put them to work, so I guess I can begin writing my first game pretty soon. Haven't decided which one yet (I was planning on doing Supercars 2, but somebody already beat me to that!), I have only been toying around with ripping resources and getting them to work using the engine, with success I might add.

As to what platform, I think you'll be happy to know it's JAVA, Zetr0 ;)

(but hey, the native OpenGL, OpenAL and the input bindings are all C of course)

Zetr0 11 December 2005 17:34

LOL, you are indeed a Java fiend that knows no bounds gimbal LOL

Marcuz 11 December 2005 23:51

i would like to see Annihilation finished.

and then i have a rpg in mind, a 3 characters first person pow, with a wasted land background, after-a-nuclear-war story, strange cults, old internets hacking, psychic powers, and some newly found magic; the graphic should be between Ishar and Perihelion, with the window that shows the world taking the two thirds of the screen and the actual graphic to be simple for the most part, to get more rich in spots where the interaction is more than simple combat, with complex screens as in the Elvira serie.
the gameplay should be set on a character class-based interaction, for instance, you can have three combat type characters and forget the puzzle solving or playing 3 complementary classes all togheter and address the different tasks as they come.
so the third part of the screen should be divided in 5 areas: 1 with verbs for the text like interaction, 3 big ishar-like heads, 1 with text again for the skill/magic abilities.
two little icons up in each face, for combact action and selecting current character.
above this part there should be a running string of text like in perihelion describing the surroundings when there's the need and for the manipulation of the objects.
i have designed 6 spots around the main window for the area and party actions:
maps, current object, camp/rest, displacement of the characters on field, an eye for "look" and game options.

there would be extensive work for writers, graphicians, musicians and coders and if ever, would be the definitive action RPG on any machine ;)

realistically, i want to see finished Annihilation.

oh i forgot... randomly generated little areas/dungeons and items sets. also it would be cool if the game could memorize a list of items to be in the current play (start to end game) from a larger set of items, so that some of them will not appear in game, and there is a site on internet for the selling and buying for the game play, like a kind of Battlenet. or else a real multiplayer through kaillera :)
and downloadable mods/updates adding new quests!

Marcuz 13 December 2005 22:13

Red Dust
from Amazing Adventures v2 n.36, may 76, a Killraven story by Don Mc Gregor

<red dust legacy... blown in the wind... we bequeath you, our descendants, the ability to hate... it is a heritage you will perpetuate with little difficulty at all.>

... if i'm going to keep this colour the game shold be about the name of Red Dust or Legacy of The Lost or something like that and concerning martians and lost wars; if i turn it to a more brown colour, it will be closer to Fallout and could be named Aphelion or something like that. the rest is unknown.

some sketches and a layout to make you understand the spaces separations. i'll update those when i'll work again on it.




Zetr0 15 December 2005 02:10

I like the look of that marco, indeed interesting and i really cannot wait to sink my teeth into a ishar / perhillion - esque type game :)

what would be cool is if we could post our ideas in a proposal format and then respectively we call read them post comments on them and eventually select them! *muwahahaha*

Marcuz 15 December 2005 12:18

i will when i'm ready, after Xmas, now i have too many things boiling on

Zetr0 15 December 2005 13:53

lol, i heard it helps if you stop feeling up your christmas presents first my friend ;) :o


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