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zerohour1974 23 October 2015 19:41

AAPOV name change?
I released the Preview Issue to ascertain whether there was an audience out there. It seems there is definite interest.

However if people feel that the name is too close to the original APoV then I can quite easily change it.

After all I admit my production values are not as high and the scene has diminished considerably since those days. I don't want to be accused of sullying its reputation.

For one I intend it to be much smaller magazine and I don't have a team of workers on hand.

Let me know what your opinions are? Suggest alternative titles if you like ;)

zerohour1974 28 October 2015 02:23

Well I have now changed the name of the magazine to

The Home of all things Amiga

yep its a little cheesy but then again it definitely can not be mistaken as APoV.

If all goes to plan the first issue should be out before the end of November. I will make further announcements closer to the time.

Gzegzolka 28 October 2015 08:47

I do not mind old name, but it's bit misguiding that it's next APOV issue.

zerohour1974 28 October 2015 15:44

As I have changed the look and the amount of coverage to a different style it was logical I change the name. Then there is a definite distinction they are two completely different magazines

TEOL 08 November 2015 12:42

I think AMIGAVille has been beaten to the punch. Look what I found on The AMIGA Lads Facebook channel unless it's an unreleased one not on here yet in that case it now is.


Adrian Browne 08 November 2015 14:44


zerohour1974 08 November 2015 14:55

err... ok?

Comiga 09 January 2016 06:18


Just wondering if issue one ever made it to completion or out of concept stage?

Korodny 09 January 2016 16:15


Originally Posted by Comiga (Post 1061438)

Just wondering if issue one ever made it to completion or out of concept stage?

http://aminet.net/search?query=amigaville ;)

zerohour1974 10 January 2016 02:24

Working on Issue 4 now ...

Website now up at :-


Akira 10 January 2016 16:33


Originally Posted by Adrian Browne (Post 1049826)

Qft :lol

zerohour1974 10 January 2016 20:01


Originally Posted by Adrian Browne (Post 1049826)

Keep taking the tablets I am sure it will pass ;)

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