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RealaT 29 May 2002 00:57

Super Skidmarks / Skidmarks 2 Data Disks
I've recently rekindled my love for this awesome racing game and was wondering if anybody knew where I can get hold of the official add-on disks that were released for this game. I remember buying these myself when they were first released but one of the disks was corrupted so I never did get chance to play it properly :(

TikTok 04 June 2002 14:42

You're lucky - I never even saw these data disks in the shops! ADFs (as you have found out) seem to be non-existent - I think the games are on Cody's MIA list. Acid software also promised "data disks, new cars, and a track editor" when you sent off the registration card for the original Skidmarks - I would love to know if anyone ever recieved these. Somehow I doubt they did :).

RealaT 04 June 2002 14:47

Actually I found them a few days ago on Aceroms. There name is Skid Marks 2.2.1 (HD) (1995) (AGA) [cr] (Disk x of 3). It's exactly the same as the ones I bought from HMV many years ago. Just load disc one of this set and you get 3 extra championships to choose from.

Suppose I should have updated my thread but I've been having too much fun on my A1200 lately :)

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