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TroelsDK 23 May 2014 15:01

WinUAE recording video - Help needed!
Hi all!

So a few years after I last gave up, I'm again having a go at recording gameplay in WinUAE...

I found some old guides, this one for example, but I'm still having problems with screen size.

No matter what I do with the settings the picture is cut in the video


There are also a lot of border that don't need to be there...

What am I missing here?

Update: Okay "Keep Aspect Ratio" under Filter seems to correct the cut picture.. Still the black border would be nice to get rid of..

pandy71 24 May 2014 00:28

at first use realtime codec - XVid is not recommended for real time capture, later you can use video editor to crop and resize capture.

Retroplay 24 May 2014 01:09

You should use TSCC codec or similar for video and uncompressed PCM audio when recording.
Also make sure to use default window setting of 720x568 doubled linemode and untick horizontal & vertical centering.

It's only when you have finished recording what you want you should use a lossy codec for video or audio.
I recommend H.264 (X264) and AAC (Nero Digital Audio) codecs over Xvid.
I used Avisynth and MeGUI for all my submissions to RAG, some of my videos are still available too btw (eg. Deliverance and Deep Core).

MeGUI is also a lot more user friendly now than it was back then, when you load your captured .avi in the fileindexer it automatically opens a video preview which lets you crop & resize.
No more manual editing of Avisynth scripts needed.

staropram 24 May 2014 13:27

AAC stands for advanced audio coding and has nothing to do with nero
, whatever they (nero) call it

Retroplay 24 May 2014 14:50


pandy71 24 May 2014 19:55

fdk_aac curently seem to best quality aac encoder - but selecting codec for audio/video is purely subjective decision - for capture in Win environment i always recommend ffdshow where huffyuv and ffv lossless video codecs are offered, also very good is lagarith or quite new MagicYUV http://www.videohelp.com/tools/MagicYUV

Michael Sykes 26 June 2014 23:46

I used FRAPS because the build in recording seems slow and lacks quality....
Maybe I did not try hard enough.^^But that way I can record exactly what I see on the screen.At least in PAL/NTSC-res.If I want to record FullHD(1080p) in 60fps I might need a faster PC.

However, a 720x568 50Hz clip(with smooth scrolling) looks like sh!t if you upload it to youtube(fixed 30fps) for example.
No matter if it was recorded internal or external with fraps or any other screen recording tool.

LocalH 27 June 2014 00:17


Originally Posted by staropram (Post 956024)
AAC stands for advanced audio coding and has nothing to do with nero
, whatever they (nero) call it

Retroplay was offering a choice of AAC codec, not saying that AAC was "Nero Digital Audio". Similar to how they listed x264 as an example for H.264/AVC, even though there are other codecs for AVC as well.

Michael Sykes 27 June 2014 00:47


Originally Posted by LocalH (Post 961556)
even though there are other codecs for AVC as well.

Are you refering to some converter tools or the standard itself?

LocalH 28 June 2014 00:49

What I mean by codecs could also be said as "implementations". There is one standard, yet multiple encoders and decoders (or "codecs").

Michael Sykes 28 June 2014 01:05

Reading the 'Controversies' part of the wiki articel I posted, I think I know what you mean.
There are different 'implementations' of the same standard,made by different companies. What a mess....

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