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Amigaice 27 November 2004 23:34

PCMIA Flash Drivers
I have a Flash Card Reader that is PCMIA is there drivers for the Amiga for this?

Joe Maroni 27 November 2004 23:45

search on the aminet for "cfd" and the needed "fat95" and you will find what you search...;)

Amigaice 30 November 2004 07:28

Hey Thanks for the reply, I got it working! Now I'm a little rusty in Workbench how do I have it boot to mount the CF card on boot?
I got my old 1200 in my sons room so his first computer is an Amiga. He loves it. Just got Sim City running for him by far the best Version made. It's funny how my 128mb CF card is bigger then the hard drive thou LOL.

God Bless

lloyd 30 November 2004 10:54

To have the startup-sequence mount the device, you need to make a mountlist - or modify the one you may already have in DEVS:. Then, you need to put the driver also into DEVS: (will be called something like device.device). If it were the Ramdisk for example, you are looking for RAMDISK.DEVICE - see what I mean? Anyway, you may then need to add an assign or two but that should get it running

I know what I'm trying to say here, but it's awful hard to explain it properly. There should be installation instructions contained in a reasdme.txt file in the archive you downloaded.... Maybe they explain it better?

thomas 30 November 2004 11:04

Mountlist is 1.3 style. All machines with PCMCIA have at least OS 2.0 and work with DosDrivers.

As you already have it running you probably already copied FAT95 to L: and cfd.device (or whatever it is called) to devs: and you have a DosDriver somewhere, probably in Storage/DosDrivers. So just move the DosDriver from where it is to Devs/DosDrivers, then it will be automagically mounted upon startup.

However, you cannot boot from the PCMCIA adapter, if you expected this. You can only boot from devices whose drivers are in the Kickstart ROM. So you probably can boot from an IDE flash adapter.

SeeD32 01 February 2005 21:01

I'm trying to use a PCMCIA card with a 8meg flashcard inserted on my A1200 with ClassicWB Lite installed, I have followed the above, got the CFD files and installed them, and noticed I have Fat95 in the L: folder, but it just won't regognise the card, just says that CF0: is mounted, and that nothing is inserted. Can anyone help at all??

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