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Playaveli 21 October 2018 02:26

AmigaLive 0.96 released
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Mac OSX:


Discord game lobby:

#Removed search for local FS-UAE installions, using only portable folder for compatibility.

- New configuration folder using configuration-lists without underscores.
- Speed for downloading Game-Images has now been increased.
- Game configurations can now override Zoom AmigaLive settings for compatibility.

- Quick-search while typing for Linux and Windows and Improved for OSX (existed for OSX).
- Online Joystick correction list for controller updates without require for re-compiling.
- Better Joystick lookup method for all OS platforms by using "fs-uae-device-helper".
- Dynamic-Links menu which can be updated from the central server.
- Favorites-List menu, making easier to pick among your desired games.
- Favorites-Rating icon based on Bronze, Gold and Platinum Stars.
- Auto-Zoom Setting in "More Options" for Amiga display (crop) (Default: Enabled)
- Random game picker, for whenever you cannot decide which game to pick from.
- Save on exit option, default option is enabled.
- Save and close option in "Custom Settings" and "More Options" Window.
- Configuration controller mapping information is displayed in the notes box.
- How-to enable additional joystick buttons to be used by the configurations.
- Full list of FS-UAE Shader effects (most dont seem to work right).
- Stability by adding 2 additional seconds delay when obtaining configurations.
- Temporary and local items in Mac OSX new frame-work were not using a proper path.

- Linux resizing frame-work bug causing pixelation of the background image.
- OSX popup which caused nul exception errors.
- Background did not refresh after loading a new window size.

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