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Retro-mania 03 October 2018 23:45

Backing up Cloanto CF card to Transcend CF for Vampire?
Hi everyone

Now this might sound like a stupid question so forgive me if so. I have bought an Amiga Forever CF card kit (3.1) and I have read that the card itself is not reliable when used on my A600 with Vampire V2. So, I have bought a 4gb Transcend CF and my question is, can I copy the entire contents of the Amiga Forever (Cloanto) CF to my Transcend CF? I understand Transcend is much happier with the Vampire? If so, how?

Thanks in advance

deladrevoc 03 October 2018 23:53

I used the following to back mine up, I haven't yet tried to restore it though...


Hercules 08 October 2018 22:24

Win32 Disk Imager. Works a treat for me for both backing up and restoring..

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