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kipper2k 20 November 2017 02:39

Amiga 500 Keyboard membrane fix
Hi all,

I had an a500 keyboard that wasnt working, the Return, delete and a couple others weren't working so i took a look and i found that some of the traces had disintegrated for whatever reason by the "Return" key. so after thinking on how to fix it i tried some thin wire and a nickel liquid pen.

I scraped the carbon pads a little to roughen them up, laid some wire, taped it in position and then applied the nickel. Let is sit for a few hours and am happy to say it is ALIVE!!


here is what i used...


Retrofan 20 November 2017 02:55

Thanks for sharing the info :great

Trolley 26 March 2018 12:52

Good information. I also have some keyboards to repair.

cmorley 29 September 2018 15:12

I had an Acorn A3000 keyboard membrane which battery leakage had damaged the traces on the flexi at the connector. The connector was completely ruined.

After reading the OP I tried a repair with a nickle pen (I have the MG chemicals brand).

First I cleaned off all the flaking traces from the flexi with IPA & cotton buds. I then repaired the tracks which push into the connector with the nickle pen. I did it under a microscope which made it easier to clean/paint. Leave it a few hours to cure and it worked perfectly.

The nickle flakes off a bit if you remove the flexi from the connector but that can be touched up. Seems like a good way to repair rare keyboards.

So it is possible to repair flexi-edge connections with a nickle pen! Thanks for the inspiration kipper2k.

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