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Shoonay 16 December 2005 12:34

Double PAL / Double NTSC, oficially supported by WHDLoad...
Alrighty! DblPAL / DblNTSC is oficially supported by WHDLoad in the newest 16.5 version!

Uhmmm... So, like now what? :p

Is it true, that the slaves for EVERY game has to be rewritten to support this?
Maybe some "AmiDOS based" games, like donno... Dune 1&2/Monkey Island 1&2/Slam Tilt/Worms for fast examples, already can use it?

This, is like the most important thing, that keeps me from getting a better monitor (then my trusty, good, yet very old C=1084S)...

Wepl 17 December 2005 18:05

It will only work for installs which use kick31emu and depend on the games compatibilty. But if the game supports it a simple recompile should be sufficient.
Games which do any hardware access/tricks will usually not work.

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