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mark_k 17 February 2012 13:47

Pause when minimised
When the pause emulation when minimised setting is enabled, WinUAE pauses when you click the emulation window's minimise button. However, if you instead minimise by clicking the WinUAE taskbar button, the emulation doesn't pause. Is that by design?

Toni Wilen 18 February 2012 09:09

This is some Windows weirdness (or something), immediately when clicking on task bar icon (and winuae is active), comes WM_ACTIVE with WA_INACTIVE status (=minimized), when mouse button is released comes another WM_ACTIVE message with WA_ACTIVE (not minimized) state.

mark_k 18 February 2012 09:58

Do you see any WM_SYSCOMMAND messages (with SC_MINIMIZE or SC_RESTORE) when the user clicks the taskbar button?

Toni Wilen 18 February 2012 13:17

Yes, SC_MINIMIZE comes last (after the bogus WA_ACTIVE) but these messages still don't make sense :)

For example ALT-TAB from fullscreen is still not considered as minimized (or is it even supposed to be that way?)

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