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RCK 20 November 2010 15:39

EAB Moderation Team
Dear community,

I'm pleased to announce you that TheCyberDruid is now a Global Moderator of English Amiga Board. :great
He will replace DamienD who is inactive since one year, and take care of all of us.

As remind, GM are the only one who can move/split threads on the whole board, and of course warn, kick or ban borderline members.

Congratulation TCD !

Dastardly 20 November 2010 16:08

Congratulations TCD!

(finally, friends in high places) ;)

T_hairy_bootson 20 November 2010 16:11

I for one welcome our new Danish overlord.

Dastardly 20 November 2010 16:16

He's Austrian I think you'll find.

Retro-Nerd 20 November 2010 16:19

Sadly DamienD left EAB as it seems. Anyway, congrats TCD. I'm sure you will do a good job as a GM. :)

cosmicfrog 20 November 2010 16:41

oh no dose that mean I have to especially nice to you now TCD hehehehhe

was only a matter of time and/or well done, commiserations and more of the same plz ;)

Now for the Ribbits :)

yay happy ribbits to you and Ribbits go out to RCK+Family, Great site, great PPl, Long may it continue + ribbits on the side to everyone who makes this place posable/passable/posamus wheres my smell checker gone again ............

DDNI 20 November 2010 16:44

there goes the neighbourhood ;)

congrats TCD! :great

Retro1234 20 November 2010 16:51

Who ?!? :blased

Allen1 20 November 2010 16:54

Congratulations TCD,

good to see people getting on especially when they deserve it. Good luck with the new responsibilities and all that they entail (just be your usual self and it will be easy) :great

Peter 20 November 2010 17:34

All Hail TheCyberDruid!

antonvaltaz 20 November 2010 19:17

Hurrah for TCD - thoroughly deserves it!

Jimbo 20 November 2010 19:19

Congrats Bessy m8 :)

seuden 20 November 2010 19:27

This is bad news for everyone!! Let's hope for an Armageddon!!

:P Congrats TCD :great

lopos2000 20 November 2010 19:43

Congratulation TCD.

AmigaFriend 20 November 2010 19:57

OMG! That means I have to buy new colour t-shirts? Again? :)

Congratulations TCD!

fitzsteve 20 November 2010 20:18

Awesome stuff and well deserved :great

I know the perfect gift I can get you to celebrate ;)

kriz 20 November 2010 20:38

Congrats and well deserved !!!

Gordon 20 November 2010 20:43

Congratulations and jubilations, I want the world to know I'm happy as can be.

Hungry Horace 20 November 2010 20:49

well kids... let that be a lesson that you can achieve a lot buy post-whoring :)

FOL 20 November 2010 21:02

Nice one TCD.

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