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Jolabandola 14 October 2020 21:46

Dopus4 flickering
I am having problems with Dopus on my test rig. I have a A600 with a 4gb sd-card. I have an identical copy of that sd-card that i use for testing and trying stuff out on my pc in WinUAE before i try it on my real Amiga.

The problem i am having is that the screen flickers when i move the mouse in Dopus4. Like i said, i have identical copies of my system on two sd-cards but i only get the flickering on my pc. Is there something i can do about it? It seems to have something to do with my mouse input. If i stop moving the mouse Dopus it either showing or not. Its like it flickers out of existance and if i then move the mouse just a tiny bit it comes back.

AMIGASYSTEM 14 October 2020 22:33

Difficult to replicate your problem, only by examining your HardFile you could solve it.

Toni Wilen 15 October 2020 11:38

Can you take a screenshot? Sounds like some filtering/scaling side-effect.

AC/DC HACKER! 23 October 2020 19:21

Are you using MultiCX? It has a Mouse Blanker and Idle options. If you type something it'll blank the mouse on whatever screen. You commented about screen flickering, so I'm guessing that's not it. I'm currently using newest Beta of WinUAE. What Mouse Commodities are you using? Anything with "Sun Mouse"? I remember some programs caused conflicts like that.

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