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Biscuit 05 September 2020 09:07

Leaderboard October 2020 Voting

Welcome to the vote for the games we will be playing in October 2020.

It's not long until autumn will be upon the northern hemisphere. As the nights begin to draw in - what games are you in the mood for?

You can vote for any type of Amiga game you like.

Good games come to those who vote.

This vote ends at 23:59 (UK Time) on Sunday 20th September 2020.

How to vote:
  • Vote for up to 5 games. In any order.
  • Each vote for a game gives it 10 points.
  • The two games with the most points will be played next month.

The previous 40 games played cannot be voted for:

2020-09: Rodland
2020-09: Odyssey
2020-08: Zerosphere
2020-08: Harlequin
2020-07: World Class Leader Board
2020-07: Gods
2020-06: Paperboy
2020-06: Myth: History in the Making

Biscuit 05 September 2020 09:07

Gravity Force
Slam Tilt
Mega lo Mania
Fury of the Furries

john4p 05 September 2020 11:17

Mega lo Mania
Magic Pockets
Mr Nutz
Brian the Lion

Harry 06 September 2020 03:05

Mega Lo Mania
Beneath a steel sky
Spindizzy Worlds
Cedric and the lost sceptre

linesmachine 13 September 2020 10:56

Magic Pockets
Silly Putty
Mega Lo Mania

manossg 18 September 2020 16:08

Slam tilt
Spindizzy worlds
Mr Nutz

arcanist 21 September 2020 00:14

Bit late to the party, so I'll do some cheeky tactical voting with a couple of suggestions I'll drop again next round. :D

Magic Pockets
Spindizzy Worlds
Mega lo Mania (:great)
Traps 'n' Treasures

Biscuit 21 September 2020 09:01

Results time.

Clear favourite was Mega Lo Mania. Tie for second. Darkmere was the first game to make it to 30 points.

50 Mega Lo Mania
30 Darkmere

30 Magic Pockets
30 Spindizzy Worlds
20 Hunter
20 Mr Nutz
20 Slam Tilt

Mega Lo Mania: It's been ages since I played this. Harry mentioned an idea to score it by people remaining after specific epochs. Help me out and give me some ideas on what will work best for this please? :)

It has a saved game option using personalised passwords. Maybe those could be used for playing the epochs for score?

Darkmere is an action adventure. No obvious way to score it so we can play for progress again. Try to finish it. It also has game saving.

john4p 21 September 2020 09:32

Whether it's with or without score - let's try to play through Mega lo Mania to the end. It's not that long.

Biscuit 21 September 2020 21:28


Originally Posted by john4p (Post 1429035)
Whether it's with or without score - let's try to play through Mega lo Mania to the end. It's not that long.

I'm up for trying to complete it. Think it's about three hours plus reloads. But if there's a simple way to add a little competition in the mix it could be fun and a way to learn strategy.

I'll have a go at it sometime this week and we can see what the general consensus is. Anyone with a preference, let us know.

john4p 22 September 2020 14:30

Yes, better to have at least one game with a score.
Harry suggested "remaining men at the end of selected epochs" when he voted MLM for the league.
Let's just add up the remaining men after all epochs (that you can finish). There are 10 epochs.

Biscuit 23 September 2020 18:57

That sounds good and simple. Rewards skill and progress. Submit a score for each epoch while playing to finish the game. Save games allowed and it's fine to replay epochs using your own passwords. I'm happy with that.

john4p 23 September 2020 19:16


Originally Posted by Biscuit (Post 1429549)
Save games allowed and it's fine to replay epochs using your own passwords.

Perfect. :great

Harry 24 September 2020 20:05

Score will not work as proposed. When you play the last island of epoch 9, you use up all your remaining men and in epoch 10, you can only use your hibernated people accumulated while playing.

When playing for score, I propose epoch 2, 5, 8 with the following passwords (Scarlet, taken from amicheats):
2: "KMEAKXROPNQ" with 200 men
5: "SDOAGLLIVPS" with 500 men
8: "SOYAECRZXFE" with 800 men
Play these epochs and try to have as most men as possible remaining at the next epoch (submit a screenshot of the next epoch and your password of the next epoch).

In parallel, we could play for completion from epoch 1-10 with saves allowed. (Note: Saving affects always the whole epoch, you can not save single islands.)

john4p 24 September 2020 22:25

Then how about we do it like this:

Play up to epoch 8 for score (without passwords). Take screenshots of the remaining men after each epoch that you can beat.
Saving allowed after each epoch.

After that you can beat epochs 9 & 10 as a bonus solely to get the star badge (game completion).

Biscuit 25 September 2020 09:31

Honestly, I could go with either of these ways. Playing only 3 epochs guarantees it's quicker to play for anybody that just wants to have a go, so I'm leaning in favour of that. Even though I will still be playing the whole game and it will take a few extra goes to put a score up.

linesmachine 25 September 2020 18:09


Originally Posted by Biscuit (Post 1429549)
Submit a score for each epoch while playing to finish the game. Save games allowed and it's fine to replay epochs using your own passwords. I'm happy with that.

Cool, I know so little about this game that I have no proper idea what all this talk about epochs is, but really glad we are allowing saves as I can play it 'regular.':)

Harry 25 September 2020 20:07

Just a note: "Saving" a game in Megalomania generates a password. Saving allowed means on a go for completion that you start a game on the first epoch, and use only your own passwords for the later epochs. And I need at least 2 hours for a complete epoch, so saving is indispensable for me.

john4p 26 September 2020 08:30

Even better, then there's no hassle with having to create a savedisk incl. possible data corruption.

I'd be up for this, October is the longest month of the year.

Biscuit 26 September 2020 18:43


Originally Posted by john4p (Post 1430045)
October is the longest month of the year.

Needs to be. I'm hoping to beat Mega Lo Mania and Darkmere (will probably fail at least one). Plus every October I catch up on a load of unwatched horror films from my collection. :spin

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