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kipper2k 12 April 2009 01:30

Flood poster questions and answers
Hi all,

I was trying to find the poster for Flood to be able to answer the protection questions. I gave up after an hour and decided to find the answers by looking through the original disk image. for those that are interested here are the codes...

How many balloons are there ? 6
How many K on the cassette? 64
How many Straws in the Cocktail? 2
What Brand is the Drink? COLA
How many Teeth has the Teddy? 10
How many drips from the Tap? 5
How many vines on the Tombstone? 3
How many Stripes on the Missile? 4
How many Stars around the ghost? 24
What is written on the Disk? BULLFROG
How many names on the Credits? 17
How many points on the Shuriken? 4
What is written under Quiffys Tatoo? QUIFFY
Who is standing on the balloons? PSYCHO TEDDY
Who is in Quiffys Goggle? DOCTOR DUSTY
How many Grenades are there? 2
How many Plonkin Donkins are there? 3
Who is floating on the Parachute? VACUOUS GOMBO
How many Dynamite in the Bundle? 8
How many stripes on the Snail? 10

For those that want to play with the coding, here is the memory locations that needs to be changed (showing new value) is...

00AD12 Bra AD34
00AD14 NOP

The changes above will completely skip the poster screen. I'm not sure if the disk can be changed, it probably can. i dont have the disk no more to try so if anyone has the disk give it a shot.

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