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sovox 14 October 2020 14:28

Sovox Compilation for CDTV

Here is the Sovox Compilation for your Commodore CDTV and an iso that I created with a lot of effort and a long time where you will find over 350 games, then there are adf files, programs, players, and music mods, the cdtv is very limited, many incompatibility problems did not allow to insert well-known games, I tried to insert everything I was able to make work, my idea was to insert only games to be used only with the remote control but unfortunately it was not possible for the few compatible games , to make everything work at its best you need a keyboard and disk drive to save the games where available, most likely something may not work at the limit report it what does not work, keep in mind that I have tested all the games but I have limited myself only to upload, and all those that have been uploaded I put them in the iso

Burn at the lowest speed of your burner, for example I in my 52X burner or burned the ISO at 16X which would be the minimum write speed of the burner, if you follow these indications the burned CD will be read well by your CDTV I for example I used the free ImgBurn program for burning.
Update, thanks to JST programmer jotd a program similar to WHDLoad with this program it is possible to load WHDLoad games with the basic kickstart 1.3 of the CDTV and 1MB but only some games that are not demanding of memory maximum 512KB however it is also possible to load games heavier but you need to have more memory for now I have inserted only the basic ones of a CDTV, in the ISO image it is possible to find in the menu 5,6,7 150 WHDLoad games

Have fun with my ISO image 12/11/2020

alexh 14 October 2020 23:35

Thank you

Pyromania 14 October 2020 23:52


AMIGASYSTEM 15 October 2020 00:54


Originally Posted by sovox (Post 1434489)
and for those who do not know most of the floppies are no dos means that the files are not there and often where there are the files once put on cd they do not start

Yes this is also due to the little RAM otherwise some NoDOS game in WHDload version (JST compatible) could run.

Anyway you did a good job, i had done something similar for my CD32, for the CD32 with SX32 I had inserted also heavier games.

Z3k 15 October 2020 08:43

Digging deep in the iso i was able to find even some sort of love letters :agree written with C1-text. Added value!

DanyPPC 15 October 2020 08:57

Good work Sovox !

sovox 20 October 2020 13:37

i updated the iso image with other games :)


sovox 12 November 2020 09:07

Hi everyone, I have inserted all the images of all the 350+ games so it's easier to know what's in the ISO before uploading, there are links directly in the main post. or link to my site

Seiya 12 November 2020 17:10

great compilation and also great site very complete. nice job for everything

jotd 12 November 2020 19:59

that's a lot of (sometimes tedious) work to create a CD with 300+ titles and everything is running! Excellent

hoping to bring you the remaining 512k chip whdload slaves in the future!

sovox 13 November 2020 17:18


Originally Posted by jotd (Post 1440472)
that's a lot of (sometimes tedious) work to create a CD with 300+ titles and everything is running! Excellent

hoping to bring you the remaining 512k chip whdload slaves in the future!

it took a month to do the work of this image, not knowing anything about how to create it all, just the menu which is very simple it took a long time, now or the basics :) for now I stop a little with the updates thanks also to your program

sovox 14 November 2020 14:47

soon menu 8 games can only be loaded with additional memory

------------------------------------MENU 8--------------------------------------
games loadable only with additional memory main menu 0

1 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
2 Super Frog
3 Super Hang-On
4 Battle Squadron
5 Xenon 2
6 Flashback
7 Fire & Ice
8 Gods
9 Pinball Dreams
10 Prince Of Persia
11 Project X
12 R-Type
13 Speedball
14 Zool
15 Crazy Cars 3
16 Operation Wolf
17 RodLand
18 Pac-Land
19 Pac Mania
20 Wolfchild
21 Wonderboy In Monster land
22 Space Harrier
23 New Zealand Story
24 Rain bow Islands
25 Real Ghostbusters
26 Ghostbusters 2
27 James Pond
28 Double Dragon
29 Addams Family
30 the Blues Brothers
31 Pang
32 Creatures
33 Toki
34 Altered Beast
35 Arabian Nights
36 Cannon Fodder
37 Forgotten Worlds
38 Syndicate
39 Ruff'n'Tumble
40 Alien Breed
41 Time Machine
42 Commando
43 Shadow Of The Beast 3
44 Snow Bros
45 Summer Games
46 Unreal
47 Leader Board Arcadia
48 James Pond 2
49 the Great Giana Sisters
50 Dynamite Dux

jotd 14 November 2020 17:17

are there that many cdtv 1.3 machines with expansion mem andnohard drive that cannot be softkicked?

sovox 14 November 2020 19:17


Originally Posted by jotd (Post 1440792)
are there that many cdtv 1.3 machines with expansion mem andnohard drive that cannot be softkicked?

I didn't understand, I tried the games all under emulation and they loaded

jotd 14 November 2020 19:23

probably because your emulator has expansion memory configured. that's cheating :)

I mean that a few people will be able to enjoy those games. I mean: CDTV + expansion mem only (no softkick to 3.1, no hard drive) is probably rare.

People with CDTV+hard drive / expansion memory probably softkick and can use whdload.

The main interest of your compilation (beside those titles) is to be able to run it on a stock CDTV. For that your compilation is unique (thanks to JST :))

Something else: a lot of slaves in that list use CUSTOM2=1 to enable second button jump (ex: toki, magic pockets, gods, superfrog...). It would be cool if it could be activated some way.

on CD32load, holding second button at startup enables custom2. I could do something like this for JST.

Seiya 14 November 2020 20:01

i running this compilation on emulated stock CDTV, so 1 MB Chip RAM and kickstart 1.3 and many games working. Of course there is many games to test.
It run also a WHDLoad game through JST. Very Good Work.

jotd 14 November 2020 20:31

I love when I can recycle material to make it work on stock machines.

toples50 14 November 2020 23:24

Thanks for the games!Keep up the good work!
Now try to make a demo compilation for CDTV!

sovox 15 November 2020 10:55

maybe it is better not to put the games that need additional memory in the ISO I created, however I created this compilation with the JST program of jotd that I wanted to put in menu 8, if anyone is interested here to download to try there are 50 known games. at least let me know if eventually this menu should be included in the 350-game compilation


jotd 15 November 2020 11:33

it's better to put all games that run on a stock CDTV on the same disc.

Games requiring extra mem should be put aside or on another disc. But who needs a CD when you have extra mem? you probably have a HD too. That's my point.

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