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redblade 09 October 2020 00:40

Coverdisks are now missing.
Hi. Tried to download MED coverdisks and the link to the disk is missing. The .jpg is still visible the disk is now gone.


solarmon 09 October 2020 11:29

When I looked at some random magazine issues, all the coverdisks seems to be "Missing!". So I think most, if not all, are not linked properly.

If your search the TOSEC directory on the EAB file servers they should be there:


Arnie 09 October 2020 11:31

I have the three disks you linked to. I'll put them in the zone later if you still need them.

redblade 09 October 2020 23:30


Thanks Solarmon and Arnie. I don't need the disks, I found them on the ftp server. I just wanted to leave a note to the admin staff that the coverdisks links on the site are no longer working.

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