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Toaks 16 January 2003 11:54

Howard The Duck AMIGA Version
Hmm, wasnt this game released on amiga , i am SO sure i had a copy of it.
Couldnt find it in HOL , so i had to ask.
Another unreleased game? that came a pirate version out of?

Was the same asthe c64 version only with better gfx, sadly i cant seem to find it..

Confirm it please!!(if its out or not)

Steve 16 January 2003 12:11

I've got a big box version of this for my C64. It's quite a fun game but also pretty easy to complete. I'm quite sure that this game wasn't on the Amiga. It was just the 8bit computers.

Drake1009 16 January 2003 15:09

I never completed Howard the duck. Always got lost on the island.

fiath 16 January 2003 15:42

I don't know if Howard The Duck was on the Amiga or not...

However, are you sure the game you had was not "Edd The Duck" (from Children's BBC fame) ?

Twistin'Ghost 16 January 2003 19:31

Howard the Duck was definitely NOT on the Amiga.

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