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Belgarath 29 December 2002 17:20

how much do you actually want scanning
i've started scanning my amiga collection, mainly for myself but i'm always happy to share :) question is how much do you want scanning? for example the first game i've come to is the magnetic scrolls collection which apart from the disks, also contains the manual, a getting started guide, a quick reference guide, a read this first note, a map of the guild of thieves, a fish identification chart and a audio cassette for corruption.

normally i just do the box front and back and the disks, so how much of the above, and in general do you also want scanning

Twistin'Ghost 29 December 2002 18:03

OK, naturally we want front and back + diskscans (generally only the first disk of a single game, unless there is something unique to see). Typically, text-based stuff doesn't make it since the game's page in HOL is somewhat of a visual experience (in addition to the info experience, which is handled aptly by the database engine). So manual covers are nice, provided they are more than just a duplication of the boxart. Maps, (graphical) charts, cassettes, etc. are good as they are mostly unique. If an item is mainly text (warranty card, reference guides, etc.) it holds little visual appeal and is not practical as a graphic image (at least for HOL). But if you're up to scanning those items anyhow, I am sure the CAPS team would love you. And any complete set like that which you provide them may bump up new CAPS releases into the present!!!

Belgarath 29 December 2002 18:08

i already dump disks for caps so i'm sure i'll be providing full scans for them at some point, hopefully not civilization though, the size of that manual! :)

i've got too much stuff to scan to think about scanning everything at the moment so i'll just scan the more visual extras, as for disks, i scan all disks together so if you do want just the 1 im afraid your have to split em yaself! ;)

expect the first bunch of scans sometime tonight

Twistin'Ghost 29 December 2002 18:22

Coolish! Yeah, I do the same thing (scanning all disks) and end up having to chop out the first disk for HOL, too. :) So I am glad you scan them all, so I can get your copy for my own cool-ection.

I've often wondered how big a CAPS release will be like Civ or F-19 Stealth Fighter or M1 Tank Platoon. Sheesh! And certainly those manuals will have to be unbound to even scan anyhow. I don't even wanna think about those... :D

Belgarath 29 December 2002 23:59

well first batch of scans is being uploaded now

Blade Of Destiny
Magnetic Scrolls Collection
Manhunter 2: San Francisco

box front, back and disks, plus additional material from loom and magnetic scrolls.

only 105 megs...:eek

forgot to mention, they all have a large scanned by belgarath logo
hope this isn't a problem ;)

Belgarath 30 December 2002 02:49

more scans being uploaded as i type

box front, back and disks

Gobliins 2
Space Quest III

disks only

Railroad Tycoon

Twistin'Ghost 30 December 2002 03:59

Thanks a bunch, Belgarath. /me is loving these huge scans! :D And your scanwork is very nice...very clean work! :great

Walker 30 December 2002 09:08

Scans added to HOL and 26 points added to Belgarath in the contribution list!

Belgarath 30 December 2002 18:23

glad you are liking the scans :)

heres a few more i've done and am uploading now

Desert Strike - disks
Disposable Hero - codewheel
Ishar (AGA) - front, back, disks, manual cover
Storm Master - front, back, disk

Belgarath 30 December 2002 22:04

uploading a few more now

Jurassic Park - disks
Mortal Kombat - front, back and disks
Project-X - disks
Shadow Sorcerer - front, back, disks and codewheel

Walker 30 December 2002 23:58

Thanks! 18 more points added.

Belgarath 01 January 2003 17:00

currently uploading the following scans

Gloom - disks
Godfather, The - disks
Horror Zombies From The Crypt - front, back and disk
Monkey Island 2 - front, back, disks and codewheel
Nigel Mansell's World Championship - front, back, disks, codewheel and postcard
Street Fighter II - front, back and disks
Striker - alternate disk
Wiz 'n' Liz - front, back and disks

Belgarath 02 January 2003 02:30

uploading a few more scans

Curse Of Enchantia - disks
Shadow Of The Beast III - front, back and disks
Sleepwalker - disks
Turbo Trax (Arcane) - front, back and disks

Belgarath 02 January 2003 21:53

and here's some more

Championship Manager 93 - front, back and disks
Colonization - disks
Globdule - front, back, disks and manual cover
Patrician, The - disks
Ultima VI - disks and compendium cover

CodyJarrett 02 January 2003 21:59

Hey! The guy on eBay said I would have the only copy of Amiga Ultima 6 in the world! :scream

Belgarath 03 January 2003 16:43

few more being uploaded

Board Genius
Colonel's Bequest (Kixx XL)
Future Wars (Kixx XL)
Quest For Glory 1 (Kixx XL)

front, back and disks scans for all 4

Toaks 04 January 2003 01:00

haha oops i posted in the wrong place, anyway what i was saying was...

I have Ultima 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the free 7th game (aminet iirc), completed all if i remember correctly, anyway ultima 1->4 was the best ones IMHO!! :)

btw ebay is weird...people setting "RARE" on cd32 games which still are in the shops lol! , so dont always listen to them :)

CodyJarrett 04 January 2003 01:11

You said in the other post that you have Ultimas 1-6 on the Amiga. In original boxes?

Are you sure you have Ultima 1 & 2? Do they actually exist on the Amiga?

Toaks 04 January 2003 01:21

yeah i have em all , sadly one of the ultima boxes (early ones) is flatter than a chineese titty ;(
but the rest of the boxes was ok last i checked (i think u got the scans of em eh??)
(all my boxes is preservated, ie i dont use em and they aint in the sun anymore, and thats why i try to support whdload as much as possible also, so that i can stack the disks and boxes away, but imagine 1400 boxes in my house...well since i dont live in a castle i had to stcak away alot of the NON WHD'D games also ;( for now anyway, but yes i will scan it for u. )
if not i will scan em as soon as i either fix the scanner or get a new one.

oh btw.... since u asked.... check this :)

|| ||
|| Ultima -- A Fantasy Role-Playing Phenomenon ||
|| ||
|| Zerg was the developername of ULTIMA ||
|| ||
|| >>: The Manual :<< ||
|| ||
|| VERSION 1.0 ||
|| ||

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: An Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, 2500HD or 2500UX with
at least 512K of memory. The fact that you're
reading this means that this can't be too much
of a problem.

from the manual on DISK 1 (1 disk only) of ultima 1.

Just had to add this ,
according to my database
Ultima 1 and 2.

CodyJarrett 04 January 2003 01:27

The only Ultima scan in the ones you uploaded is Ultima IV...

Any chance of making images of the floppies of Ultima 1&2? We need screenshots for the HOL too.

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