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Svladimir Jelly 30 December 2014 10:39

Mediator Help
Hello Amigans!

I'm a proud A4000d / 040 owner with a Mediator, Indivision AGA and Radeon 9200 Pro / SoundBlaster 16 / Network card installed.

My most recent E-bay purchase was an Avermedia AVerTV TV card with s-video input. Important, because I wanted to use software on the Amiga to display the output from my C64, on the LCD desktop of the Amiga.

(In a window or full screen.)

Has anyone gotten this to work properly? I would note, I have an NTSC Amiga, and an NTSC AverTV card. Strangely, I can only get PAL modes to display anything at all in SuperTV, the only program I could get to display a picture at all, in black and white...

Tried the two existing tv prefs for the two (?) existing Elbox Avermedia cards, with the same result.

See attached pic.

I would also mention, the C64 is also NTSC, and works just fine using the S-video cable I have into my s-video capable HDTV.

Cheers and thanks for any insight!

Svladimir Jelly 02 January 2015 13:41

Problem solved after much much tinkering. ( And the latest Mediator drivers posted just days ago (!) )

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