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alkis21 22 August 2002 12:11

I'm searching for Greek fonts for use with Final Writer. I found a file on aminet with the following description:

This is an almost complete release of my own outline font collection.
It consists of over 70 fonts, plus symbol fonts,

The fonts are encoded in the Amiga Latin1 format and they contain
English and Greek characters. They follow the ELOT 928 (ISO 1000) format.

The fonts are freeware; please read the enclosed documentation regarding
other usage and distribution.

This is the AGFA Compugraphic Intellifont archive.

Do you think these fonts will work with Final Writer? FW uses outline fonts, right? I don't know what ELOT 928 is though.

Akira 22 August 2002 19:20

Yes, they would work just fine!

alkis21 23 August 2002 09:33

Thanks, I tried them and they did.

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