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Keiko Hiraoka 04 September 2006 01:46

Installing Workbench 3.1
I have been following the Green Amiga Alien Guide to try and install Workbench 3.1. However, I can't figure out for the life of me how I'm meant to transfer my WB 3.1 disks over to the PC. Is there any way to do this just by using a PC floppy drive?

thomas 04 September 2006 08:39

If you have two floppy drives on the same controller, you can use this program: http://www.winuae.net/files/adfread-1.0.zip

If not, you have to create ADF files on your Amiga and transfer the files to the PC, e.g. through a serial nullmodem cable.

Doc Mindie 04 September 2006 09:42

If you don't have a serial nullmodem, I recommend the following procedure:

Go into Storage/DosDrivers on you Amiga
Mount PC0 from the icon there
insert a disk into the Amiga Floppydrive
after a while, two icons should come up on Workbench. one for DF0: and one for PC0: Select PC0:
Select "Format" from the wb-menu
congratulations, you now have a DOS-disk in your Amiga :D

Now, use DMS to pack your workbench disks. copy them over to the PC by using the formerly mentioned DOS-disk.

WinUAE can handle disk-images in DMSformat directly, so you should be good to go :D

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