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mr.vince 12 July 2012 22:59

Zeus68k – Accelerator/IDE/RAM for the A500/2000/CDTV and others
8 Attachment(s)
"One board to rule them all..."

68SEC000 CPU running at 7 or 50 MHz
1 x BootMenu (Config)
6 x Kickstart ROM Switcher
IDE Controller (Gayle Logic A600)
Clock Port
Realtime Clock
Freezer Button (just upload your freezer ROM, e.g. Action Replay, and you are done)

Six devices in one: Accelerator, RAM, IDE Controller, Kickstart Switcher, Realtime Clock, Freezer. Hardware & FPGA by Herzi, BootMenu by Scrat.

Project Status: Prototyping. Limited production run planned for winter 2012.

Give us some feedback... Are you interested? :)

Production Board Top:
Attachment 32088

Production Board Bottom:
Attachment 32089

CPU Speed:
Attachment 32090

IDE Speed:
Attachment 32091

RAM Speed:
Attachment 32092

No, this isn't a joke. Here's the prototype...

Attachment 32093

Attachment 32094

Prototype in A500:
Attachment 32145

strim 12 July 2012 23:32


Originally Posted by mr.vince (Post 828529)
Are you interested? :)

YES! :spin

Now... I know that since you're prototyping already, you won't make any changes to this design. I want it anyway, I'm your first client! But if you will consider making a new version sometime in the future, please include a processor with MMU and some more memory :-).

Lord Aga 12 July 2012 23:35

Whoa, just the thing my A500 needs :)
Wonder about the price though...

Amigans are surely the greatest engineers in the world !

mr.vince 12 July 2012 23:36

The "gag" ist to have a super-compatible design. Because the instructions are 1:1 identical, the failure rate is pretty low. Clocking the design to 7MHz gives you 99.99% compatibility with a standard 68000 processor. All you do is to remove your CPU and plug in this card. CDTV owners might need to relocate or replace a capacitor.

The price will be highly dependent on volume. At 50 units made it's pretty expensive. It gets cheaper when we can build 100 units and even cheaper if we make 500. We'll communicate more detail when it's time to do so. Currently we're still testing some parts. Changing a voltage regulator for another one can add or substract EUR 5.- so... we're at it! :)

cpiac64 12 July 2012 23:43

oh yes, one for me if the price is under 80€

mr.vince 12 July 2012 23:46

You are aware of the price of accelerator cards? I mean... Blizzard... ACA... Do they come for 80? I still haven't a final price, but EUR 80.- will for sure not even cover production costs.

Lord Aga 12 July 2012 23:49

80 EUR is far too low, for sure.
Here's hoping it will be under 200 :)

Zetr0 12 July 2012 23:57

Amazing work!

good luck guys =D

dirkies 13 July 2012 00:06

should not be more than a minimig IMO. I may be interested for my A500.

But if using kick 1.2 or 1.3, what features do you lose?

gibs 13 July 2012 00:27

Yarrriiiibaa !

mr.vince 13 July 2012 00:41


Originally Posted by dirkies (Post 828548)
But if using kick 1.2 or 1.3, what features do you lose?

The only thing < 2.04 can't make use of is IDE.

cpiac64 13 July 2012 00:47

i am without work, dont can buy 100 card for me and for low price, sorry, in winter i can insert my new interest

desiv 13 July 2012 01:19


Now, this line:

6 x Kickstart ROM Switcher
You mean it can hold 6 kickstarts????? Some type of FLASH or am I reading that wrong???


fitzsteve 13 July 2012 01:34

Wow this is really awesome, great work - I'll buy one for sure :great

Shocked at the IDE speed too! :shocked

DonAmiga 13 July 2012 01:41

great stuff :) hopefully if the price is right I'd buy one for my A500 and one for my cdtv :)

TroelsDK 13 July 2012 01:47

Awesome! It's so cool that you guys keep making new hardware for our old ladies! :)

Me want at least 2!!! :)

tom256 13 July 2012 04:00

Wow, maybe year or two and we will be able to buy MC68060/100Mhz SATA, USB, LAN, GFX in one turbo board :]

BTW my sugestion, instead of PATA maybe socket for CF would be better solution??

rkauer 13 July 2012 06:25

count me in for a piece or two, pending price!

johnim 13 July 2012 09:00

nice work and great to give the 500 a nice boost

Toni Wilen 13 July 2012 09:07

Interested if it has flash for up to 2M ROM support (I assume it does have flash, don't see any ROM packets) and Amiga can reprogram it in-circuit.

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