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Gavilan 21 February 2009 15:43

Would anybody be interested in a Blizzard PPC card?
Hi guys! Before going to ebay, i would like to know if anyone here would be interested in a Blizzard PPC 040-25 running at 175 mhz, in perfect, mint condition?

If there is interest here, we can avoid ebay...



scrappysphinx 21 February 2009 16:23

Hey Gavilan, i may be interested depending on price plus p&p.


Gavilan 21 February 2009 20:02

Hi Mike!! thanks for your interest!!
Im not looking for a "ebay" price if you know what i mean. Actually i dont have a price in mind...Im open to offers!!!
I just to make sure the card goes to good hands, and to somebody who will take care of it and use it the way it deserves.
I think we can make an arrangament.

And of course, my idea as i always do, is to include shipping & handling in the final price

So, give me your best shot!! Maybe we can have a deal!!
If you need, i have pictures taken yesterday, showing the card working in my 1200, and screens of SysSpeed & other test programs as well


lopos2000 21 February 2009 22:38

Yeah,please post a picture. Zetr0 is waiting

scrappysphinx 21 February 2009 23:23

just for the interest of keeping the thread up to date, I have been talking with gavilan about his wanted 1200 motherboard as i have one spare and i would like his card so have made an offer via pm on amibay

Gavilan 22 February 2009 02:09

4 Attachment(s)
Ok guys, here are pics of actual card

Its a 603 , meaning NO scsi, cames with drivers in CD/floppy and 64MB (128 if i can find another module). Manual is in PDF (taken from phase 5 unofficial page). No original box, sorry, didnt came that way either

Shipping will be free anywhere in the world, and paypal preferred

Any questions feel free to ask. I will be more than happy in answering them as soon as possible!

prowler 22 February 2009 02:22

Hi Gavilan,

I would like this card too, but I'm sure Scrappy's offer is more interesting to you. :(


Slayer 22 February 2009 04:44

Not sure what kind of dollars you use there but how about 100 US dollars? and yes, I have paypal

Gavilan 22 February 2009 05:04

Any offer will be taken into consideration!!!

@prowler: dont be shy and make me an offer!!!
@Slayer: im sorry, i cant accept your offer...too low in my humble opinion...

BTW: we dont use dollars here, we have argentinian pesos, which are nothing... 1 american dollar = 3.55 argentinian pesos...

I still have to reply to Scrappy┬┤s offer anyway!


Slayer 22 February 2009 06:21


Originally Posted by Gavilan (Post 514277)
Any offer will be taken into consideration!!!

@Slayer: im sorry, i cant accept your offer...too low in my humble opinion...

BTW: we dont use dollars here, we have argentinian pesos, which are nothing... 1 american dollar = 3.55 argentinian pesos...


I thought ya didn't want ebay prices :laughing

wonder what you'd want for my 604e 233mhz 060 then :crazy

no worries, I have 3 x 1200 accelerators just not a ppc version

Gavilan 22 February 2009 07:25

Well. to be honest, im horrorized with some prices on non PPC accelerators right now on ebay (300,400 dollars for a 040 or 500 for a 060!!!). Are the non PPC accelerators mor expensive than a PPC one, or ebay is going mad?? ;)

Of course i dont want to put it on ebay, thats why im offering it here, which , for me, is the genuine place for genuine Amiga lovers..

But maybe, to be reasonable, and taking into consideration that the last 3 PPC cards similar to mine went for 500 dollars more less...i was thinking in the range of 370/390 dollars, to be maybe a fair price?? I did a little research, just to have a rough idea.
Maybe i should have done this prior to offering the card here, but, to be honest, i didnt have a clue about how much $$$ it would cost and how much $$ someone here would be willing to pay for the card...

For your 604e? More than 700/800 dollars for sure!! The King of Amiga accelerators!!!
Cheers, and please no offense!!!!! The only reason im selling this stuff is because im unemployed and i really need to pay my bills or i may loose my flat as well...



Slayer 22 February 2009 08:08

There is no offense, heck, maybe I should list some of my 060 cards for the A4000 then? I have 6 of those... trouble is, I won't ( better than can't ;) ) sell Amiga equipment

to sell things just for money is a little weird, you turn around and spend it on something else... what's the point, if I needed more money I'd get another job, err that wasn't in relation to anyones potential situation, just a theory of mine ;)

good luck with your sale :)

Gavilan 22 February 2009 14:54

@Slayer: believe me, i have been trying to get a new job for the last 3 months with no luck at all
I Am also reluctant to sell Amiga gear...but...hard times here my friend...


Gavilan 22 February 2009 16:47

Just a quick update. The card is on hold until i receive a reply from scrappysphinx


Gavilan 23 February 2009 14:29

Thank you so much guys for the interest shown in this card!!!
The card is sold. Happy new owner is my new good friend scrappysphinx!!

Thank you a lot for not letting the card to trough eBay!!!! :)


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