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Adrian Browne 08 April 2016 02:10

Can't find Clown platformer game?
Hi, I remember playing an Amiga platform games- it was a demo disk from a magazine so Iv'e no idea if it ever got released. The central character was a clown on roller skates, consequently it was tricky to control him. He had momentum.
It was a brightly colored platform game. My memory insists that it was called "Coco the Clown". However no such game exists on hol or youtube.

The publisher of the game fades on the tip of my tongue. Was it ubisoft or a similar company? Mindscape?

amigapd 08 April 2016 03:24

Rolling Ronny?


DamienD 08 April 2016 10:27

Yeah most probably "Rolling Ronny: The Errand-Boy": http://hol.abime.net/1276

...if not the only other clown game that comes to mind is "Clown-O-Mania": http://hol.abime.net/3046

Adrian Browne 08 April 2016 11:39

Yup, rolling ronny is the game i was thinking of. Thanks.

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