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samus 22 September 2005 06:44

please please please help me!!!!!!
ok, here's my problem i just downloaded this thing called WinUAE-Kaillera in hopes of playin Nintendo 64 online with a friend. Can anyone help me out and walk me through this because i am completely new to this and need to know how to do it. if you prefer the quicker way, you can message me on AIM at jquizleinnapizle or Yahoo as legitballin317, thank you.

CodyJarrett 22 September 2005 07:22

WinUAE is an Amiga emulator - not N64!

Marcuz 22 September 2005 21:16

heh, if you are serious i believe you'll have an hard time make it work

Ironclaw 23 September 2005 00:26

Amiga for teh win!! Screw Nintendo!

querfeldein 23 October 2006 21:06


everytime i start the kaillera client from the winaue and i want to
connect to a server, it tells me:

Cant connect - Version mismatch !

What ist wrong ?

Is this the version of winuae or the version from the Kaillera Client ?
i have downloaded the newest winuae client and the newest Kaillera Client !

This is very strange, can somebody help me ?

thank you very much


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