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fiath 30 April 2004 14:06

Another 50 games preserved
See the list here:


Enverex 30 April 2004 14:54

6 are mine :)

killergorilla 30 April 2004 14:57


IFW 30 April 2004 15:25


Originally Posted by Enverex
6 are mine :)

Actually 3 for sure towards the end of the list; consider you just submitted those dumps a few hours ago ;)
Anyway if 6 are matching you'll get 6 - if more than that... :xmas

IFW 30 April 2004 15:30

If may counting is right, that is 175 newly preserved games for this month.
Well done everyone involved those who post here and those who are too shy - thanks guys:great

barkingboy 30 April 2004 15:53

Well done everyone! :great What a busy month.

There are some rather cool games in that lot - and I don't just mean the ones from my collection ;) :laughing

IFW 30 April 2004 15:57

Yes I am sure you meant my long lost AP Demo ;) - pretty awesome many of the things there are different in the retail version.

Joe Maroni 30 April 2004 22:14

ok, great job guy´s...you made it again...;)

ok, only one game from my collection was released, but it is or was an unknown version of the game that still isn´t listed in the HOL...

i hope next month there will be so much releases too.....

chaoticjelly 09 May 2004 19:09


Didn't they buy my Total Carnage A1200 version from ebay for 99p? :cheese

fiath 09 May 2004 21:14

The very same :D

Hello chaoticjelly, and welcome to the EAB :)

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