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Estrayk 30 September 2015 23:59

First amiga assembler
Hello coders, I´ve a question for the oldschool members. (its for a work)

Anyone knows which was the first assembler on Amiga?

A68K ? Digital Research Assembler ? Metacomco Macro Assembler ?
OMA ? Seka Assembler?


NorthWay 01 October 2015 03:04

I don't know. (No, that's not what you wanted to know.)

Define "first". For first commercial I would guess Metacomco.
However, Amiga Inc must have used some kind of assembler during bringup and it was probably running on the SAGE machines. They have infamously used the Greenhills C compiler, so perhaps that company also had an assembler - if it produced intermediary assembler code then they had at least a rudimentary one, though perhaps not a fully fleshed one.

kneehighspy 02 October 2015 06:52

i wanna say a68k or metacompco were the first. but at almost 47 yrs old, memory doesnt serve me well.

Photon 02 October 2015 10:31

Seka was early, but the first should be some US command line assembler feels like

Leffmann 02 October 2015 12:49

First one to output Amiga programs was probably part of the early cross-tools, see the disks at the bottom of the gallery:

I'm also guessing that Metacomco Macro Assembler was the first one to run directly on the Amiga.

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