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Toni Wilen 13 July 2015 14:02

Standard Amiga Graphics Environment (SAGE)
Wanted: Standard Amiga Graphics Environment (SAGE) RTG software. SAGE was first Amiga RTG environment that never become popular and seems to have disappeared completely.

Boards that supported SAGE: (Possibly others?)

http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/resolver (Sort of improved A2410)
http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/vivid24 (Even more improved A2410 and much more or something like that..)

Some information:


Michael Sykes 13 July 2015 17:06

One other at least...



SAGE Library: over 200 graphic functions, with 2D and 3D graphic libraries: LINEDRAW, POLYDRAW, CUBICSPLINE, PHONGSHADE, GOURADSHADE, and more.

thor 13 July 2015 23:40

vividinstall.dms from http://bboah-hardware.de/cgi-bin/drivers.cgi has sage.library and two demos.

The Phil MacGovern who worked at DMI and is mentioned in both of your last links, can be found via LinkedIn.

Image Engine (G2 Systems) has a TMS 34020 too.

brknck 07 August 2016 15:46

There was one game that was compatible with SAGE.

Megafortress of all games. On disk one there is a last minute txt file that has the following content:

== START ==

Changes made to Amiga Megafortress after the manual addendum was printed:

- SAGE support was added

SAGE, the Standard Amiga Graphics Extension, allows programs to access
extended graphics hardware without having to know the specifics of that
hardware. Amiga Megafortress will put its 3D graphics displays on the
first SAGE board it finds, if you specify a mode number to use on the
Megafortress command line.

For example, from CLI, to run Megafortress on your SAGE display using
Mode 2, then you would type "Mega 2".

== SNIP ==

From an old post from 1992 here:


emufan 17 September 2016 22:33

i got a PM by moloch - he found the vivid24 install disk on bboah drivers downlod website:

Installation disk for the Vivid 24
[Submitted by Takahasi Kasiko]

there is some SAGE stuff included.

#1) already mentioned, but to let you not forget about the test tool: vividcompare.

Toni Wilen 02 July 2017 11:12

Finally tried vividinstall and megafortress but without success.

"OpenSAGE Error 10, Requested unit not found" says all vividinstall programs and megafortress also mentiones error 10. (With A2410 enabled)

So I guess vividinstall sage stuff is not full package?

mark_k 02 July 2017 14:35

It seems specific to the Vivid board, e.g. there's SAGE/Libs/vivid.library, SAGE/Exec/VIVID.OUT, the latter being TMS34020 code I guess?

Toni Wilen 02 July 2017 15:59

All the SAGE stuff seems to have disappeared..

Unfortunately Vivid24 has TMS 34020 which is much more complex than 34010.

gulliver 03 July 2017 09:11

This is al I found out about SAGE:

SAGE (Standard Amiga Graphics Environment)

It is a standard way for applications programs to access the graphics processors currently available for the
Amiga the University of Lowell Board from Commodore, the Resolver from DMI, and the Rambrandt from PP&S
between others. SAGE allows the hardware to become transparent to the software.
It is a system designed specifically around the Texas Instruments TMS340x0 family of graphics chips that support
TIGA 2.2 which is to put it simply, a sort of graphics language.
PP&S and Digital Micronics Inc. (DMI), with Commodore's cooperation, established this
standard at the Amiga Developer's Conference in Denver. Developers interested in SAGE could obtain the
professional developer's kit, which included manual, SAGE libraries, and source code examples. This
complete kit was available for the nominal fee of $300.

Hardware support:

CBM A2410
DMI Resolver
DMI Vivid24
G2 Systems Image Engine
PP&S Rambrandt

software support:

Art Department Professional (ADPro)
Image Master
Draw 4D Professional (planed but unconfirmed)
DynaCADD (planed but unconfirmed)
Professional Page 3.0 (planed but unconfirmed)
Imagine (planed but unconfirmed)
Caligari 2 (planed but unconfirmed)
Aegis AniMagic (planed but unconfirmed)
Aegis Video Titler (planed but unconfirmed)
Aegis Presentation Master (planed but unconfirmed)
DiskMaster (which has an image viewer in it) (planed but unconfirmed)
3D Professional (planed but unconfirmed)
Megafortress (read the LastMinute.txt file on disk 1 for info on how to get into it)

Toni Wilen 03 July 2017 09:32

Yeah, not much info available. SAGE probably was quite useless anyway (and hardware was EXPENSIVE) but thats not the point :)

Unfortunately A2410 or DMI Resolver SAGE driver is MIA. (Both use TMS34010 and probably are very similar), which makes any SAGE-compatible software useless.

gulliver 03 July 2017 10:31


Just a long shot:

To support SAGE, developer needed this developerĀ“s kit, so as AEON bought ImageFX (http://www.amigafuture.de/viewtopic....22bf5659ca5342), you could ask Trevor Dick to take a look into the source code and find out if there is something there to help you (maybe when they bought ImageFX, and it came along with the sourcecode they have this developers kit, or at least he can let you peek into the sourcecode files that have that support code).

Long shot, I know.

rygar 03 July 2017 22:13

Some more info here:

and here is nice article:

I'm sure that someone who written this article should have all nessesery files.

kamelito 04 July 2017 08:47

The guy who wrote the article is a friend of mine and I'm pretty sure he don't have it.

emufan 04 July 2017 17:10

--> VividQDVideo1024x768.jdc
--> VividVideo1024x768.jdc

=> Jim Drew

Toni Wilen 04 July 2017 19:07

Seems useless. Card specific driver (and it sounds like it isn't SAGE driver) and it is for card that has TMS34020.

gulliver 12 February 2018 06:52

I found by chance in those BBS uploads users have made a TVPaint 2.0 demo for SAGE.

I have uploaded both files to The Zone!

Toni Wilen 12 February 2018 16:45

Same problem again, it needs SAGE install package which has disappeared completely..

emufan 08 March 2018 21:29

1689 - Sage 24 Devel (1-2).DMS
1690 - Sage 24 Devel (2-2).DMS

gulliver 08 March 2018 21:41

That seems to be pure gold!

Lets hope Toni can make something out of it. :)

emufan 08 March 2018 22:24


Originally Posted by gulliver (Post 1225299)
That seems to be pure gold!

yep, kinda. maybe it's the US$ 300 kit you are talking about above.

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