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beanz 06 April 2012 23:07

A1200 video caps
Hello folks,

I'm having graphic glitches on several games that I know should work on my A1200 REV 1D4.

Eye of the beholder AGA for example, it works fine but if I use the auto map, every time I press map it becomes more and more 'corrupted'. Strangely if I don't touch the map it's fine). A few other games show the same sort of corruption (robocop, arknoid revenge of doh, A10 tank killer etc).

I'm thinking it's the caps dying, I just replaced the audio caps to fix that issue (which was successful) so now I'm guessing I need to change the caps that are related to video too...can someone tell me which caps I should concentrate on changing?

I'm going to change them all but would like to address the video ones first just to see if it fixing my problem before I change the rest, thanks.

johnim 07 April 2012 00:04

hi mate its proberly best to change them all saves the hassle

roy bates 07 April 2012 00:32

there is a problem with eye of the beholder 1 or 2 at the moment something to do with a corupt screen on the automap.

search this forum and you will see what i mean.

johnim 07 April 2012 00:37

hi roy i never knew as im not on here as much

ok found it


beanz 07 April 2012 00:40

I thought the corruption was only on the 88060 chip but I'll search, thanks!, going to change all the caps anyway I think.

EDIT: Yep that corruption in the thread you linked there is what I'm getting. Well that's a relief then...thanks for the help.

johnim 07 April 2012 00:46

yea thanks roy

also still change the remainder of your caps keep your miggy kicking :great

roy bates 07 April 2012 01:47

i would change the caps anyway if i was you these machines arnt getting any younger mate.

@johnim,no probs mate just trying to help.

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