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killergorilla 15 March 2007 18:54

I've decided to create an FAQ as I seem to be seeing a few similar questions keep coming up :)
It's entirely subject to change/alteration!

What is the URL of your new site?

Do you keep track of any errors found in the packs?
Yes, see the following thread:

When is your next pack going to be released?
It should be released around the end of the month, give or take a month or two ;)

What date was the last pack from your old site?
The last pack released on my old site was the July 2006 Update Pack

Will the update packs from August 2006 - December 2006 ever be released?
Nope. I wasn't happy with the old packs anymore.
The old packs had inconsistent naming, ugly/non-existant icons, bad icon alignment, inconsistent filetypes, and I wasn't happy with the inflexibility of lzx (or rather, the lack of decent Windows support for it).
I thought it would be better to invest my time in fixing these problems rather than plod on knowing I wasn't happy with it.

Do the new packs contain everything from the old packs?
Everything WHDLoad related yes. JST files have been removed.

My favourite game is in your packs but not in my language, how comes?
There are a few reasons why this may be the case.
- The game was never released in your language ;)
- The whdload install does not currently support your language, let the author know and maybe he'll add support for it.
- I haven't managed to find an original image (or preinstalled version) of the game in your language yet.
- I didn't know the game was released in that language.

Can I request games that do not have whdload installs?
No. I'm not a whdload author and can't program a set of LEDs in ASM let alone patch a game, I'm simply trying to make it easier for people to enjoy the real authors' work.

Have the packs been virus checked?
Yes, every game has been virus checked for Amiga viruses using VirusZ III and the latest XVS lib. The packs have also been scanned for PC viruses using NOD32 and the latest virus definitions.

What do you recommend I use to to play the WHDLoad games on my Amiga?
I whole-heartedly recommend using ClassicWB FULL. This is available from http://classicwb.abime.net and contains everything you'll need to unpack, run and enjoy the games in my packs.

What is the correct order to unpack your packs?
Start by unzipping all of the #-Z packs to a single directory, then unpack the update packs in date order (from oldest to newest) into the same directory. This will ensure that if a game has received an update, you will be left with the most recent version. Make sure you answer yes to overwriting any older files. Or you can use the DATs, see below...

Is there a way of keeping track of which versions are the most recent?
Yes, I have clrmamepro DATs which I update each month which only contains the most recent versions. You can find them on my site.

Some games give me errors while trying to extract them in Windows, can you fix these archives?
All of the games must be extracted on a real Amiga (or within WinUAE). Some of the files in the archives contain characters which are not compatible with the Windows OS, and will only extract correctly within an Amiga environment. (examples: \ * >)

Why do you use zip format over lzx/lha/rar/7z?
Simply because zip is the most common format, it's supported by rom managers such as romcenter and clrmamepro, and it can be used on pretty much every hardware platform out there. It means I get less questions about how to open them.

The gameicons in your packs look like little white/black squares, why?
This will be because you don't have newicons installed. I recommend you use the FULL version of ClassicWB, see the above FAQ item. Alternatively the Newicons package is available on http://www.aminet.net

Why don't you use OS3.5/3.9 icons?
Simply because it's alienating too many people. A lot of people still use desktop/classic Amigas which don't have the power to run OS3.5/3.9. My packs use newicons because I found these to be a sensible medium between visual splendour and compatibility.

Can I donate some money to you for your efforts?
No, I don't deserve it, the WHDLoad project does. You can make a donation here: http://www.whdload.de/reg.html

Are you a god?
When someone asks you if you're a God, you say "YES"!

Do you have anyone you want to thank for their support and help?
Yes! Loads of people! but specifically:

For creating the installs and the software to play the games:
All of the WHDLoad team

For starting the whole idea in the first place:

For providing the resources to host my packs:
Magix, Zetr0, Woody57

For helping keep track of game requests each month:

For helping provide icons/images used for my icons
The Exotica Team - for their Exoticons
Frog - for his pygmicons
The HOL Team & Contributors - for all the images on HOL I use to create my own icons

For helping me find elusive games:
Andreas, Belgarath, BippyM, CodyJarrett, DamienD, Dlfrsilver, marco-pedrana, Retro-Nerd, Tweaky (and probably many more)

For helping to test the games for errors
Retro-Nerd, Pbarages

DDNI 04 October 2008 17:20

Hmm was d/l the packs. Site now seems unreachable. Is it just my end?

Retro-Nerd 04 October 2008 17:22

The site works fine here.

TCD 04 October 2008 17:23


Originally Posted by DDNI (Post 464950)
Hmm was d/l the packs. Site now seems unreachable. Is it just my end?

This one works fine here : http://kgwhd.whdownload.com

DDNI 04 October 2008 17:24

bah I cant connect to any whdownload site now. eg Magixftp

edit: Back on now...

TCD 04 October 2008 17:26

Good to hear ;)

Methanoid 03 April 2009 11:57

KG, a suggestion, if you had one thread where any new changes to packs were notified, we could all add subscriptions to the thread and be instantly notified whenever anything happens. I guess notify changes (new packs etc) to THIS thread could fulfill the same purpose?

killergorilla 03 April 2009 12:16

Well I always post changes in the news thread, but if you want a specific locked news thread in my section I can do that?

Methanoid 04 April 2009 01:10

Yes please boss.. Something we can susbscribe to which will tell us with email when you release new packs etc :D

killergorilla 04 April 2009 04:16

Ok, you bloody weirdo.

pinballdreamer 28 April 2011 21:18

Sorry for the really basic question, but I've recently insatalled Amiga Forever (value edition) and downloaded one of your packs. Where do I go from here to actually play a game? Proper hungry for some oldschool Amiga action...

FOL 29 April 2011 02:19


Originally Posted by pinballdreamer (Post 752584)
Sorry for the really basic question, but I've recently insatalled Amiga Forever (value edition) and downloaded one of your packs. Where do I go from here to actually play a game? Proper hungry for some oldschool Amiga action...

Just extract the packs where ever you want.

You will need WHDLoad installed and have all the correct kickstart and rtb files in the correct places first.

arkpandora 09 January 2017 23:31

The site's URL http://kgwhd.whdownload.com is not working anymore. Has it been moved?

emufan 09 January 2017 23:51


Originally Posted by arkpandora (Post 1133601)
The site's URL http://kgwhd.whdownload.com is not working anymore. Has it been moved?

maybe gone. a couple of days/weeks ago, it was working. but dunno exactly.
archive.org preserved the packs - though not all tested.

arkpandora 10 January 2017 01:29

Thanks for the link! I hope those precious packs will be online again.

E-Penguin 12 January 2017 23:50

Down for me too. Currently downloading everything from archive.org just in case...

Amigajay 13 January 2017 00:29

Yeah a real shame if this has gone forever, always use this great site.

ma693541 13 January 2017 00:53

No messages, but www.whdownload.com seems to have gone to the bin forever. I use Waterfox 64-bit.

Retroplay 13 January 2017 13:06

There's really no need to worry as everything is available at my cloud drive.

Playaveli 18 January 2017 15:27


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