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Old Fool 14 March 2006 11:21

Shoot'em up stuff (mainly)
I have some questions concerning about shoot'em up games:

-Could it be possible to put *once again* OVERDRIVE (by Infacto) to the Zone? Anyone who have it I would appreciate this cause it looks nice. :bowdown

-In HOL there is shots taken from a game RAGE (by CAD Software). It looks fast anf furious (yeah). Is there anyone who have this rarity?

-There's two versions of FANTASTIC VOYAGE (disk 1) in the TOSEC. Both of them stops loading right after intro crack when played on a real thing (A500 with 1mb and kick1,3) and with emulator also. Is it only for A600 or newer kickstarts or does someone have version that works on an A500 with kick1,3? Have the crackers f***ed up, or is it CDTV only, or am I just idiot or what...?

-In the TOSEC ther's a nice little game called SPACE ASSAULT that works fine with 1mb kick1.3 config. That is when played with emulator! On a real hardware the game mysteriously stops loading right after crack screen. Same thing happens with F1 - Domark (all 3 disks in TOSEC makes this happen). Can anyone explain this? :help It's especially interesting cause the game box claims that it will work with 1mb! (F1)

-Well, now when I mentioned also all the versions of HUDSON HAWK won't load. I wonder if my old dear Amy is getting old and fragile...

-Finally, I have a demo version of technically ass kicking kill them'up called THE HUNT FOR PARADIZE (made by some demo group?). I doubt complete game was never done cause even the demo cannot be found from the TOSEC. Let me know and I zone it...

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