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dido 08 December 2003 14:16

Hero Quest (Gremlin)
Hy guys,

I'm searching the game called "Hero Quest" hd installed with whdload,
I haven't found it on the net, does anyone can upload a working
version on THE ZONE? Thank you!

PS: I've tried to install the adf from BTTR and the installer of
whdload, but the games stops after the introduction.

PPS: If anyone have the data disk "Return of The witch Lord"...

CodyJarrett 08 December 2003 14:32

I've uploaded the game and data disk to the Zone...

dido 08 December 2003 20:03

Thank you Codyjarrett,

but Hero Quest doesn't work yet. It stops itself after language
selection, then whdload tells me:


What I have to do? I've tried with nocache and novbrmove, but
nothing. My configuration is A1200+PPC 306+ 180MHz, 32Mb ram,
OS.3.5. Is it a problem with fast memory?How to solve?

Thank you!

haynor666 08 December 2003 21:04

If You have unregistered WHDLoad You have another problem. Saving game works only with registered WHDLoad.:)

...and one thing. I remember bugs like this when pirate key was used:D

You know what to do, dont't You;)

dido 09 December 2003 19:37

Haynor, you are wrong.

I'm not a WHDLoad registered user (not yet), and I haven't
any pirated keyfiles, so the problem is not for that. I've
tryed to deactivate my ppc-card (pressing "2" during reboot),
and the game started correctly (but it couldn't save...), so
I think it's an incompatibility of that installer with my
hardware. Or not?
I think I should write a message on www.whdload.de, maybe
someone can fix the installer.

Please help me...

haynor666 09 December 2003 21:23

I've never have any problems with this game, I was played quite long. Also I must inform You that I have original key. As I mentioned these errors only occur only with unregistered whdload or pirate key but there is also one possible bug - a fake image for saving games. Before I registered WHDLoad I've tried to force game to save so I've tried to combine image from saving disk from floppy. Maybe it's weird but maybe You have just wrong image.

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