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Kin Hell 16 May 2020 15:16

iomega SCSI Jaz Drive
Another now redundant bit of my old Amiga Kit for release back into the Wild.

Perfect working order in every manner. There's an an adapter for 25 Pin SCSI to HD 50 Pin SCSI & also a Parallel to SCSI Adapter device in case you're on the go with a Laptop. :blased

Still, she's a nice bit of kit & comes with 2 x 2GB Disks & 1 x Tools Disk. I formatted the 2 x Disks in FAT under WinXP without issues. - There is a SCSI id Selector & a Termination Enable/Disable/Auto switch on the back. - Setting up was just plug & play this morning.

http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pi... Drive/01a.JPG http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pi... Drive/02a.JPG http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pi... Drive/03a.JPG

Sold to AmigaCD32CD

Kin Hell 17 May 2020 10:47

Reduced price from £75 to £50 & Shipping cost accordingly.

AmigaCD32CD 19 May 2020 00:58

iomega SCSI Jaz Drive
Please can I buy this I am in London UK

Kin Hell 19 May 2020 12:43


Originally Posted by AmigaCD32CD (Post 1400886)
Please can I buy this I am in London UK

Replied to PM. :)

Kin Hell 19 May 2020 20:03

Payment recieved. - Thank you. :)

Shipping via DPD, so you should have it Thursday.

Tracking number Via PM tomorrow. :great

Kin Hell 20 May 2020 14:57

Now Shipped by Royal Mail 2nd Class signed for as requested & PM Sent. :great

AmigaCD32CD 23 May 2020 21:28

came today thanks very much

Kin Hell 24 May 2020 10:44

Glad you're happy with it. - Enjoy! :great

AmigaCD32CD 26 May 2020 10:58

Hi Does anyone know the command to insert into my A530 startup under 1.3 Workbench so I can mount the scsi. The Scsi Id id 4 Thanks Best

Kin Hell 26 May 2020 11:33

Is that a GVP A530?

AmigaCD32CD 26 May 2020 14:28

hi yes GVP A530 8Meg

a500 has either 1.3 or 3.1 Rom


Kin Hell 26 May 2020 19:26

It's been a while, but iirc, you need to put GVPscsi in your workbench startup drawer.

Consult documentation for your GVP board.

Install Disk :great

Matt020 29 May 2020 03:22

If Kickstart and Workbench 1.3, I think you'll need a mountlist entry... the old way of doing it. Try Google for: jazz scsi amiga mountlist

Matt020 29 May 2020 03:23

Oh my god, I just tried my own Google suggestion. The first 3 sites that came up have the answer.

Feed a man to fish, feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

AmigaCD32CD 29 May 2020 22:43

thank you I didnt know about a mountlist entry

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