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cbmeeks 16 May 2020 03:18

Different graphics cards for the A1200?
While I've had WinUAE installed for years, I've never really gotten into the more advanced options like expansion devices.

I've setup a A1200 and I thought I would try emulating some of the more advanced graphics cards.

I assume I will need drivers for them because I don't see how to utilize them in the preferences.

Is there somewhere that can show me how to set those up? Like maybe for one of the Picasso boards?

The goal would be to have a more "normal" resolution and depth while using the Workbench (and maybe AMOS??). Such as 640x480x256 or maybe even higher.

Thanks for any suggestions.

AC/DC HACKER! 16 May 2020 04:29

Look in Settings, Hardware, RTG Boards as long as you're using a newer version of WinUAE. The A1200 didn't have Picasso..only the A2000 to A4000. I suggest using an A4000 config to use Picasso 4. Or you could use UAE Zorro 2 (Picasso 96) for an A1200. Which does very well. Using an A4000 config open the "door" to Cyberstorm PPC.

Not any support (yet) for real 3D stuff like Wipeout 2097 or Payback PPC 3D. But if you're cool with pretty 256 colors, and higher..that's doable for Web pages, and other sweet programs. As well as Workbench.

I think it was that introduced better Picasso 4 support. Don't quote me. Hehe. Good to see another U.S.A. person.

cbmeeks 16 May 2020 04:37

Thanks for you reply.

I only see the following options:

Picasso II Zorro II
Picasso II+ Zorro II
Picasso IV
Picasso IV Zorro II
Picasso IV Zorro III

I could setup an Amiga 4000 but I sorta already got a bunch of stuff config'd for the A1200. :-)

Do I need to load drivers? Most of those do nothing or crash.


AC/DC HACKER! 16 May 2020 17:26

You're welcome. I have a few different configs also. You sorta have a bunch or do have a bunch? Ask yourself what you want to do. You may have a bunch of configs for WinUAE, or a lot or a little.

Aside from choosing Picasso 4 (IV) Zorro 3 (III) you'll then have to install Picasso96 2.0 from Aminet to have the display. That contains the Main System which the Monitors use. For general use, just pick Picasso IV Zorro III for an Amiga 4000 and don't change any RTG settings until you're comfortable.

WinUAE comes with UAEGfx. When or before Picaso96 2.0 is installed you'll have to copy it from WinUAE's directory to the Amiga side (emulation). Same you'd have to do with an A1200 emulation.

In CD and Hard Drives use "Add a directory or Archive" and then select the WinUAE root directory. Disable bootable. Don't forget to name it. Device Name/Volume Label may have the same names. Or different. When done, the Amiga emulation will see it..and you'll have access like a normal Amiga floppy or Hard Drive.

James 17 May 2020 02:15


Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! (Post 1400287)
For general use, just pick Picasso IV Zorro III for an Amiga 4000 and don't change any RTG settings until you're comfortable.

I used CV3D Zorro III with an A1200, replaced it with a CVPPC for better 3D. :cool
It was a nice system for 68060, but the PPC ran too hot and eventually killed it. :crying
But back to the point - with the right expansions A1200 + Zorro III (and CyberstormPPC/CVPPC) is possible.

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