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RiotRetroGaming 14 March 2020 13:13

A4000T PPC OS4.1 - 64bit WinUAE Config Success
Hi all,

This is a massive PITA to get going, I may make a Youtube video on how to do it if anybody is interested.
I managed to get PPC running in 64bit WinUAE and booted OS4.1

The reason being is my Father has an X5000 and he wants to get WHDLoad running inside 'RunInUAE' on the system.
I'm hoping this will enable me to do it.
Thanks to Rob Cranley if he's on here for pointing me towards what I need to get going.


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White 14 March 2020 15:44

Hi RiotRetroGaming,
I probably didn't understand correctly.
Do you want to run AmigaOS 4.1FE update 1 with WinUAE?
If so you can have fun with various configurations etc.
If you use WinUAE and want to install WHDLoad with RunInUae use the PicassoIV driver, otherwise the installation will stop or crash.

If you feel like putting a video on Youtube it would be interesting.
here you find my Youtube channel mainly dedicated to 4.1 update1.

If you need help, ask, here is a thread:

in case you need it ...
What processor do you use to emulate 4.1?

However, if you have suggestions for improving emulation, they are welcome.
Thank you.

RiotRetroGaming 14 March 2020 16:04

Awesome, I'll take a look.
Also this is to enable me to help my Dad with an X5000 as he is unable to run WHDLoad games, but I think I've just found out why.

His X5000 isn't updating an gives an error.
So he's never updated and RunInUAE is apparently released with update 4.

White 14 March 2020 16:29

In this case, I can't help you.
With the Classic update 1-6
you can take a look here:

And possibly ask on Amigans Forum:

RiotRetroGaming 15 March 2020 01:05

So after about 12hrs of pulling my hair out... haha I managed to get it all going and get to this...


White 15 March 2020 02:04

Excellent, you have been good.
Have you used winUAE or the real machine?
It seems to me winUAE from the video
What version are you using of e-UAE?

12 hours, this means that you are patient, and you like to use the 4.1 system ;-)

AC/DC HACKER! 18 May 2020 05:56

Getting UAE running with X5000 involves a bit of effort. You'll want to get the PPC version, and then setup can be tricky to understand. The Initial UAE that was released for OS 4.1 is very slow. Once you update it, and RunInUAE it's much faster. Also works decent in WinUAE but doing that is actually very redundant and not recommended unless you really just want to marvel at OHhhh...Amiga Emulator Running an Amiga Emulator. Haha.

For X5000 you'll want:

http://aminet.net/package/misc/emu/RunInUAE Which is updated.
http://os4depot.net/?function=showfi.../e-uae-sdl.lha Which is the Emulator, MUCH faster, much better.

I have it setup echoed to my real Amiga 4000, minus the Cyberstorm PPC emulation. If it had that..I'd use it often. HAH! If it had 3D graphics board support, that would make the X5000 even more excellent!

Tips: Do NOT make an .hdf more than 4GB. That's a limit in the emulator. Make as many .hdf as you want. Using Picasso96 screens makes it quicker.

I don't rely on RunInUAE much anymore. When you learn the keyboard commands, it's a lot easier. RunInUAE will cause it to be slower. Yep!!!

Anything else to help with.. Ask.

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