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Knocker 11 January 2016 00:19

Problem running programs from HD in emulator
I must be missing something basic here. I have trouble running many programs from the HD. E.g. in AmigaForever I copy the A4000 item, on the Media tab I add a new HD based on the Shared\dir\Work directory. After I boot I go to Work/Software/PPaint and double-click on the PPaint icon, but the system crashes: "PPaint - Program failed (error #8000000B). Wait for disk activity to finish. [Suspend] [Reboot]".

Do I somehow need to install all these programs to DH0? Would be nice to just have a shared HD all systems can use.


Arnie 11 January 2016 00:49

PPaint works from the AmigaSYS + AmiKit systems.

I don't know why it crashes, maybe, like you said, PPaint needs to be installed to the Workbench?

thomas 11 January 2016 15:49

I don't know which config is behind the "A4000 item" in Amiga Forever.

I would suggest to add an FPU to the config if it is not yet present.

If the OS is 3.1 you might also need to upgrade SetPatch http://aminet.net/package/util/boot/SetPatch_43.6b
(Check version numbers! Only replace the file if the Aminet version is higher than what you already have!)

PPaint does not need installation.

Aegis 11 January 2016 22:24

That Shared/Work directory you're assigning is specifically for the Workbench 3.X setup - this uses a different Amiga model (A4XXX) and Kickstart ROM (Amiga 3.X) - it also features a mix of 3.1/3.5/3.9 components and libraries that aren't part of the vanilla 3.1 install the A4000 entry uses.

Your best bet if you want the 'classic' A4000 experience is to create a new shared folder (A4000_Work or similar) and install apps from Aminet etc. You can find a free download of PPaint 7.1c that should work here: http://ppaint.com/index.php (scroll down to the bottom).

Knocker 12 January 2016 21:19

Thanks for all the responses!

Arnie, to be honest I hadn't even used AmigaSys/AmiKit. PPaint seems to works fine in AmigaSys.

thomas/Aegis - I got it to work after setting Amiga model to A4XXX and Kickstart ROM to Amiga 3.X. I don't really need to run on a specific machine, just wanted something "powerful" that can use the shared work folder. Devpac 3.18 also seems to be working in this config - that was another program I had problems with.

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