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Walker 19 August 2002 19:52

Playing the copy of D/Generation currently in the Zone, I discovered that it's impossible to reach the second level. As soon as you enter the "elevator", a screen informs you that the complete game will have X levels with blah blah and so on. WTF!?!

The TOSEC name is

D-Generation (1991)(Mindscape)[cr Nemesis][t +6 Legend]

Don't tell me that they "cracked" AND trained a demo...?

Akira 19 August 2002 22:05

I think I had this version. It's full actually. You have to run a patch before loading it and it would pregress as normal.

Look among the files in the disk, one is the patch. It could be a cracktro, I forgot really. But I KNOW there was a file on the disk you had to run first. At least in the version I had, forgot who cracked it.

Strange that it doesn't work as is, this version should be fixed!
Or perhaps the patch is being loaded but there's some emu problem that doesnt let it do its job?

Walker 20 August 2002 15:54

The only thing I found on disk #1 was an executable named "Fairlight" (their usual cracktro). A bit strange finding that one on a Nemesis crack.....

I added it to the startup sequence just in case, but I still can't access the next level.

Akira 20 August 2002 19:43

I'll try to get it and see what's up. I clearly remember having to load a patch before the game. I didnt realize this until I installed it in my HD.

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