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zardoz 09 August 2020 11:25

4.4 Flickering / Ghosting effect all configs
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Hi Toni,

I 've dropped back to 3.4 and this problem has gone.

In 4.4 every second or so the screen flickers, looks like it jumps to the right then carries on as normal.

I've got a game of Sensi going. Waiting for kickoff the sprites all flicker once every so often, the playfield is stable though.

It's like that in fullscreen or windowed, filters don't seem to change it.

I've attached a config. and my bootlog.

Win10 / Nvidia Gt730 / AMD FX-6300

Does this sound familiar?


Toni Wilen 09 August 2020 17:50

Did you really mean 3.4, not 4.3?

Does ticking Advanced chipset cycle-exact fix it?

68000 non-cycle exact timing wasn't fully correct until 4.4 but because Amiga has chipram DMA that steals cycles from CPU, more correct CPU timing can break some programs.

zardoz 09 August 2020 22:15

Yes that has fixed it thanks.

DamienD 10 August 2020 00:06

zardoz; you should always use Cycle-exact for any A500 / 500+ / 600 games.

zardoz 10 August 2020 10:29

It's switched off in Quick Start configs for A500 / A600.

I imagine when upgrading older uae files it remains off?


Maybe something for Toni to think about (if only to stop people like me getting on the forums!). For 68000 cpus check this box? I'm not sure of the logic.

DamienD 10 August 2020 11:23


Originally Posted by zardoz (Post 1419544)
It's switched off in Quick Start configs for A500 / A600.

Just move the slider "Compatibility vs. Required CPU Power" to the far left to "Best Compatibility" before clicking "Set confguration" ;)

After doing this once it will stay like that.

Toni Wilen 10 August 2020 11:32

If it happens with many, many programs, then something needs to be adjusted in emulation.

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